Daily Archives: March 11, 2013

The Weekend – Day 1

The weekend was gorgeous in our neck of the woods, so, Saturday morning, Motor Man and I packed up the Jeep and headed to the Outer Banks.

It was early afternoon when we arrived, so we had a quick lunch and drove up to the beach to look for horses. (It had been so long since we’d seen them, I was having withdrawals.)

We had heard that the waves could be as much as 12 feet. They were amazing.

big waves

We’d been out there awhile, and had only seen a couple of horses. Those were on one of the side roads near the cottages. (Not very photo-worthy backgrounds.)

But then…Motor Man spotted these five up ahead.

on the way

Horses down by the water: what we always hope to see when we’re at the beach.

4 horses

I would be embarrassed to tell you how many pictures I took. (Marshall, it may be time to back-up my files.)

running girl

Motor Man drove up ahead of the horses, so I could take pictures of them coming toward us.


Checking me out, or perhaps the camera. The law requires that people stay at least 50 feet from the horses. But the horses don’t have such a law.


How beautiful is that winter coat in the afternoon sun? And that crooked “star” on her forehead?


I was so busy taking pictures that I didn’t notice a wave coming in. And I ended up with wet feet. And tennis shoes. And socks.

Uh-huh, you weren't paying attention, were you?

Uh-huh, you weren’t paying attention, were you?

Oh, so gorgeous.


Finally, they decided they’d had enough beach time and took an “exit” down a side road. This picture was taken through the windshield, so the color is a bit off. I cropped it to make the horses easier to see; we weren’t this close. But it was quite a thrill to watch them all running.

heading back_Snapseed

Tomorrow: day two of the weekend, and quite a shocker when we got to the beach.