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Pet Remembrance Day

This may not be a national holiday; but, my friend, Pam, (Sammy’s mom from One Spoiled Cat) and I decided that we’d take today to remember some of our previous pets. And my long distance friend, Pix, is also remembering her Z-cat today in her post.

I remember always having cats in my life, and there were a few dogs. But I don’t have photos of any of them prior to Beezy, the kitty we had before Sundae.  If you missed it, I shared my memories of Beezy in this post, from back in November of 2010.


When I adopted Beezy from the animal shelter, her name was Baby, and I really can’t say how that became “Beezy”. She was in my life for 14 of her 16 years and in Motor Man’s for 11 of those.

Holding Beezy for the last time

Holding Beezy for the last time

Beezy crossed Rainbow Bridge in November of 2009.

I’m sure, for all of us who’ve loved and been loved by a pet, there’s one that we remember above the others. For us, that was our Beezy.