Daily Archives: March 4, 2013

“Romper Room”

During a phone conversation last Thursday with my friend, Bev, she mentioned that the following day, she would be baby-sitting her eight-month old grandson, Tanner,  AND her two-year old great niece, Stella. Then she added: “So if you have any free time, stop by “Romper Room”.

I decided to take her up on her offer and went for a visit Friday afternoon. Yes, her den did look a bit like Romper Room – with toys everywhere. She even has a child-sized Adirondack chair, which Tanner was using to practice his standing.

tanner and chair_Snapseed

He’s looking rather proud of himself. I can’t believe he’s already eight months old.


The chair was just the right size for Stella, and she spent a few minutes reading to Tanner.

stella reading to tanner1

Tanner is such a busy little boy, it took me SO many shots to get a good picture of that one little curl.

tanners curl

Speaking of curls, Stella has an abundance. So many curls for a two-year old.

stellas curls

Bev, enjoying the role of “Nana”.

bev and tanner

And before my Romper Room visit was over, I just had to get a little of Tanner’s “sugar”.

db and tanner

After I typed that last sentence, I started to wonder: do folks still say that they’re “getting a baby’s sugar”? Is that phrase out-dated?  Is it just something we Southerners say?