Daily Archives: March 18, 2013

Sundae Says… Here’s What’s New

Hello, everyone! Sundae here with the latest news from our family. Yesterday, Motor Man and Motor Mommy went on a day trip to Sperryville, Va. to spend some time with the pawrents of my boycatfriend, Sammy.  They did a little antiquing and had brunch together. Here’s Sammy’s Mom, Pam, with Motor Mommy, outside the restaurant.

db and pam

It was snowing in Sperryville! Here are Sam’s pawrents. You can see the snow on Dave’s jacket.  Aren’t they a sweet couple?

pam and dave

And here are my pawrents. I think they’re pretty sweet too.


 Anyway, enough about them. Now for my news: through the magic of the internet, I’m on a camping trip in Vancouver! My boycatfriend, Sammy, is hosting it, the place is packed, and we’re all having a wonderful time.

We arrived and set up our tents yesterday. (Mine is right beside Sammy’s, of course.)  Isn’t it a beautiful location? By the way, there’s a best decorated tent contest over at Sammy’s blog. If you’d like to vote for mine, click here.

sundaes tent.221582252997905021362754402093[1]

We’ll be here at the camp today and tomorrow, and then, tomorrow night, we’ll be camping on the beach at Pacific Rim National Park. Sammy and I went to check out the beach yesterday afternoon, and he snapped this photo of me, catching some rays. (Yes, of course, I was wearing sunscreen!)

sundae catching rays.com13633746141071

Well, gotta run! There’s so much to do here at  Camp Sammy!  =^.^=