Treasure Hunting Sparks A Memory

Saturday, my friend, Donna, and I set out early for a day of antiquing, chatting and lunch.

In one of our favorite antique shops, we spotted a bottle of laundry bluing, similar to this one that I have.

bluing 8-20-2013 3-49-27 PM

This is the memory it brought to mind:

My sisters, June and Rose, were teenagers when I was born. Although I’ve always known how much they love me, I’m sure there were times, as I was growing up, when I was an aggravating little pest.

Once I remember saying to Rose: “Whatcha doin”?  And she replied: “Doin’ bluin’, wanna buy a bottle?”. That was probably a popular, snappy little comeback in those days, but I remember that it made me mad, and at the same time, hurt my feelings. I’m sure I went crying to Mom. I don’t recall what Mom’s reaction was.

It’s amazing how an empty little bottle can bring back a memory from so long ago.

12 responses to “Treasure Hunting Sparks A Memory

  1. I can recall my Mom talking about bluing but this is the first time I’ve SEEN it……! How interesting that it sparks a memory for you – – – “things” do that sometimes don’t they.


  2. I have to say that I don’t know a thing about bluing! But I think it is a cute little bottle! I must google…….
    Good Morning!

  3. can’t say i’ve ever ‘blued’ anything.

  4. As you and I talked about–antiquing is not about spending money as much as the sight of things from our childhood taking us down a lovely lane of memories. Yours was especially sweet.

  5. I love it…”doin bulin”. I did went into a little antique store in the little town of Dandridge, TN last week and thought of you. It’s not something I do often but something was calling me in. Well, I found something I just had to have. It fit me and the price was right! David is bringing it home with him this weekend. Wanna guess what it is?

  6. Sorry for the “did”. I should have read what I wrote before I hit POST!

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I do not remember the bluing, but I do understand how things from the past can spark a great memory. Good find.

  8. I remember this story – I know you’ve told it to me a couple of times … glad to see it made it to the blog ! I think a lot of those memories are just waiting for something to bring them back !

  9. I’ve heard of bluing, seems like it was used to keep whites bright–?

  10. I have an old bottle of bluing too on the shelf in my laundry room. It reminds me of watching my Mom do our laundry in the old wringer washer.

  11. When I think of bluing, I think of my grandmother who put bluing in her hair. She did not care for the white or yellow that her lovely hair turned when she was 50.

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