Ten days ago, behind our shop, we found a tiny gray tabby kitten. Once I saw those sweet little eyes, turning her over to Animal Control was never an option.

gypsy baby 8-22-2013 7-12-40 PM

She was very afraid and VERY hungry, but also very loving. We brought her in the office, and I went to the grocery store and bought Kitten Chow and a litter box.

The next day, I put up flyers in our area, called the vets’ offices and checked with Animal Control to be sure no one had reported a missing kitty. No one had.

So she became our shop office kitty, and although we had all sorts of name suggestions (Nitro, Boogity, Racer, Motor Kitty), we settled on “Gypsy”.  Motor Man sends me photos of her waiting for me to get to the office in the mornings.

chair back-001

We bought a kitty carrier, and took her for her first vet’s visit. Thankfully, she tested negative for all those bad diseases that kitties can have. The vet estimates her to be about 10 weeks old.


I’m finding it difficult to get much work done at the office.

db and gypsy1 8-25-2013 12-53-38 PM

And I think she loves us. She has Motor Man wrapped around her little paw. (I’ll try to get pictures of the two of them soon.)

db and gypsy 8-23-2013 12-50-37 PM

Meanwhile, Sundae thinks we’re still a one-cat family.  There have been some suggestions that she may like a little playmate, but we haven’t decided whether to do that or not.

I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of little Miss Gypsy.


23 responses to “Introducing…..Gypsy

  1. Hello little Miss Gypsy….boy did you pick a GREAT place to find a new home! Miss Dianna and Motor Man are purrrrfect parents for you and maybe one day you can meet your BIG sister Sundae. Meanwhile, grow happy and strong and healthy and know that you’re in the best home ever!

    Kitty Hugs, Your Honorary Cousin Sammy (and his Mom!)

  2. She’s certainly looking into Miss Dianna’s eyes. Cute name Gypsy. Boogity-boogity-boo sounds like a game you can play. I know you’ll come up with many.

  3. Aww, I wouldn’t have been able to turn her away, either. Do you mean to tell me that Sundae-pie hasn’t sniffed Gypsy on you? I’ll bet she knows and is OK with it .. as long as the wee one stays at the shop! 🙂


  4. Aw, what an adorable addition to your motoring family! 🙂

  5. She is so cute! It is easy to see why productivity could take a downfall…hopefully Motor Man will not have to fire you!! 😉

  6. I wouldn’t get anything done with Gypsy to cuddle!

  7. Gypsy is SO sweet! I brought a kitten home three years ago and our big male Stewart fell in love immediately. He had never seen a kitten before but he instantly became Mama. He bathed her and slept with her and taught her all his cat knowledge – including catching a mouse and bringing it to her to re-catch! So Sundae may be okay with Gypsy – you never know!

  8. Aww look at that widdle sweet face! She is so dang cute!!!

  9. Gypsy the shop kitty. What a great name for a wandering kitty. She looks right at home.

  10. oh, yes. all productivity has ground to a halt at your office! 🙂

  11. itsallaboutpurple

    love those eyes!!!

  12. AIIIEEEE….smoochies little Miss Gypsy! So pretty and my what big eyes you have! What a pawsome home you found! APAWS!!!

  13. .. & she’s so small ! – I had no idea from the first couple of pics you sent that day … She’s a sweetie, & picked the right place to take up residence 😉

  14. Now that’s one sweet cat. Looks like motor man is not the only one who is hooked.

  15. Oh Dog! What a sweetie! Looks like Gypsy made an excellent choice in adopting you!

  16. Gypsy sure picked the purrfect place to be!

  17. Awwwww! No wonder you have an office kitty now. Gypsy is adorable!

  18. What a cutie! She sure picked the right place. 🙂

  19. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Gypsy is a good name for her. She is a cutie.So glad you and Motor Man kept her.

  20. Gypsy is adorable. She is lucky to have found you.

  21. !!! Congratulations on finding each other. Sweet as can be, I’m so glad you could keep her and she’ll know a loving home.

  22. Well, little Gypsy found the perfect place to call home and the perfect ‘pawrents’ too. It will be interesting to see if she likes her adopted sister too. 😉

  23. Aw, what a cutie! Maybe you have the lap kitty you always wanted. Thanks for taking her in and giving her a home. You and Motor Man are the best!

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