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Treasure Hunting: Paper Dolls

My antiquing friend, Donna, and I made a morning of it last Saturday. After such a sad week, it was nice to enjoy a couple of hours of browsing and chatting, followed by lunch (and more chatting).

And the treasure I found this time? A Lennon Sisters paper doll set, dated 1957. I was too young at that time to play with paper dolls, but I do remember the Lennon Sisters.

paper doll 11-18-2013 9-19-05 PM

From the left, Janet, Dianne, Peggy and Kathy.

dolls 11-18-2013 9-19-19 PM

This is just a sample of the clothes that were included. Obviously, the little girl who owned this set took good care of it.

dolls and clothes 11-18-2013 9-22-45 PM

My friend, Janet, emailed me later in the weekend and asked what I’d found while antiquing. I replied with news about the Lennon Sisters paper dolls. She then wrote that she always liked the Lennon Sisters, because one was named Janet.  And I reminded her that one was named Dianne (my nickname). So in honor of Janet and Dianne, I “dressed” the two of them and actually found two of the little cardboard stands on which to display them.

janet and dianne 11-18-2013 9-35-08 PM

This little treasure set me back a whopping 50 cents.

Now, I wonder if I could get any of my friends to come over and play paper dolls?

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