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(Almost) Indian Summer

Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day. Following a rainy Sunday night, the skies cleared early Monday morning.

morning 11-17-2013 7-22-55 PM

The high temperature yesterday was 72 degrees.  As Marshall mentioned, we seem to be experiencing an “Indian Summer”. Almost. I didn’t know there were so many criteria regarding a true Indian Summer. So here’s  a little checklist to see how our weather compares:

Warm temperatures: check
Nights, clear and chilly:  chilly, but Sunday night wasn’t clear; last night was.
Follows a hard frost: that’s true. We had heavy frost one night last week.
Must occur between November 11 and November 20:  check

 marsh 11-17-2013 8-00-06 PM

Yesterday was indeed a sunroof day.

sunroof yellow 11-18-2013 12-19-10 AM

The foliage in our area has been colorful for probably about a month now. Motor Man, Marshall and I have been discussing how we don’t recall it ever being this pretty and lasting this long.

orange tree 11-18-2013 1-52-41 AM

Beautiful foliage isn’t on the Indian Summer checklist.  That makes it a bonus.

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