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Sunday Afternoon: 50-odd Years Later

For most of my childhood years, my (grown) sister, Rose, and her family lived in the little town of Claremont, about 20 miles from where my mom and I lived.

Claremont is a small waterfront town on the James River, and there’s a tiny little sandy beach there for local residents.

During the summers of my childhood, my mom and I would drive to Claremont to have Sunday lunch with Rose after church.  And then….we’d to go the beach.  My niece and nephew (five years and seven years younger than me, respectively) swam like little fishes. I just waded and splashed at the shore and brought home every seashell that Mom would let me. The smell of Coppertone immediately takes me back to that little beach.

Yesterday, Motor Man and I took his mother for a drive to the areas of my childhood to show her where I went to school, etc.

db grace1 11-10-2013 3-45-58 AM

And we ended up in Claremont. At the beach.

db and grace 11-10-2013 3-46-03 AM

Because, after all, it was Sunday afternoon.

jr and mom 11-10-2013 3-46-28 AM

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