Daily Archives: November 18, 2013

Sundae Says…She’s Kidding, Right?

Happy Monday, readers. This is Sundae, taking over blogging duties today.

Recently, Motor Mommy came home with this:

sundae planter1 11-17-2013 5-24-37 AM

A planter… that she thinks looks like me.

what 11-17-2013 5-24-53 AM

I tried to humor her,  posing beside this so-called look-alike.

humor 11-17-2013 5-25-04 AM

But, surely, she can’t think that little imposter can hold a candle to moi.

sundae and planter best 11-17-2013 5-24-40 AM

Humans…they never cease to amaze me.

~These Days Of Mine~