Daily Archives: November 8, 2013

My First Random Five Friday

A Friday meme that I haven’t participated in before is Random Five Friday, hosted by Nancy at A Rural Journal. It’s pretty simple: you just post about five random things going on in your life.

1.  For Mother’s Day in 2011, Marshall gave me a beautiful mum, which I later planted in a flower bed. It must like the location. Reminds me of one of my favorite quotes: “Bloom where you’re planted”.

mum 2011 5-8-2011 10-54-55 AM

mum 2013 11-6-2013 4-07-06 PM

2.) How’d you like to find yourself driving behind this?  Yeah, I wasn’t too thrilled about it either. Thankfully, (somehow) everything stayed perched on the trailer until I could get around it. I guess he made it to his destination since I didn’t hear of any incident caused by junk spilled all over the highway.

junk 8-8-2013 2-28-33 PM

3. Last Sunday, Motor Man and I took his mom riding in the neighborhoods where they used to live. We drove by the house where she and Pop were married 71 years ago. She remembered the exact address, although she hasn’t been in that area in probably 40-plus years. She was happy to see the house is still being well maintained.

house on 53rd st 11-3-2013 4-24-08 AM

4. My niece posted this picture on Facebook of her son, Connor, with his new pet….a corn snake. Guess what he named it.  Ready?  “The Kernel”.

connor and kernel

5. It’s been several weeks since we’ve been to the Outer Banks, and I’m seriously having wild horse withdrawal.

horses in grass 8-11-2013 12-01-56 PM

So those are my first ever “random five”.