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Friday’s Fences – “The Plain People”

In addition to fall foliage, Motor Man and I chose to travel to Dayton, Va. last weekend because our friend, Jeremy, told us that it’s home to a large Mennonite (“The Plain People”) community.

We happened by one of their churches on Sunday morning.

church 10-27-2013 12-11-05 AM

And, over to the side, the horses and buggies waited.

buggies at church 10-27-2013 12-11-14 AM

The rolling hills and dairy farms make this a particularly beautiful area. (Of course, I thought the horses and buggies were a bonus.)

buggies fence cows 10-27-2013 12-07-54 AM

I loved the sound of the horses’ hooves, clip-clopping along the highway.

two buggies 10-27-2013 12-15-53 AM

And we couldn’t help but notice that the folks in every buggy waved and smiled as they passed by us.

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