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A Miss Gypsy Update

Many several a couple of you expressed concern in your comments yesterday regarding Gypsy getting cuddles and being warm at the shop.

Let me assure you that Gypsy gets her fair share of cuddling. From me….

db and gyp 10-15-2013 3-20-45 PM

db gypsy 11-25 11-25-2013 8-31-44 PM

And Motor Man…

jr and gyp 10-29-2013 6-34-33 AM

jr and gypsy 11-25-2013 8-31-31 PM

But, she also has every customer and friend who stops by the shop wrapped around her little paw.

gypsy on wayne's lap 11-1-2013 12-51-42 PM

Oh, and if Motor Man thinks she’s chilly, there’s always a soft shop rag nearby that can be used for a blankie.

gypsy undercover 10-31-2013 2-23-37 PM

So, never fear, little Miss Gypsy is comfy, cozy, happy and loved. And she thanks you for thinking of her.

~These Days Of Mine~