Monthly Archives: December 2013

A Quick Beach Get-Away

After all the hustle and bustle of Christmas, Motor Man and I recently slipped away for a little Outer Banks fix.

We were on the beach at sunrise last Friday. In the winter, the beach is pretty much our own at that time of day.

first pic 12-26-2013 7-06-46 PM

Every few minutes, the sky changed, requiring, of course, that I take another picture. It was quite brisk, though, so although I stepped out for a few minutes to pick up seashells, I didn’t tarry long outside the Jeep.

sunrise2 obx 12-26-2013 7-15-39 PM

We know that we rarely see horses out on the beach in the winter, but we did manage to find a couple on the “back roads”, including this one, sporting his furry winter coat. (This picture was taken with a zoom lens: I wasn’t nearly as close to him as it appears.)

horse eating 12-26-2013 7-57-15 PM

But, both going to the beach and coming home, we stopped to see our friend, Aggie. She doesn’t have a 50-feet distance ordinance.

db petting aggie 12-26-2013 10-07-55 PM

We’re just two members of her huge fan club, and she’s always happy to see us treats.

aggie and db 12-26-2013 10-08-42 PM

Our trip was a short one, but fun and relaxing with beautiful scenery….and horses.