Random Five Friday

One more Christmas related Random Five Friday.

1. Since yesterday’s post focused on Gypsy, it’s only fair that, today, I share a Christmas picture of Sundae.

sundaes tongue 12-25-2013 8-46-22 AM

2. I feel so fortunate that we have family to visit on Christmas.  I love this picture of Motor Man’s mom with  her two great grandsons.

nanny christian josey 12-24-2013 11-03-50 PM

3. We also visited my sister and niece on Christmas Day.

db june barb 12-25-2013 2-11-29 AM

4. We took our second annual Christmas family photo. And once again, Sundae chose not to cooperate.

family photo 12-25-2013 8-55-30 AM

5, Motor Man gave me half of a Samsung tablet for Christmas,  and I gave him the other half. Let the learning begin!

~These Days Of Mine~

17 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. Great photos Dianna….looks like you had a happy Christmas with family fun all around. Sundae, like Sam, seems to be appreciating the joys of tissue!


  2. We enjoyed your visit so much. Hope you enjoy your half of the tablet!

  3. Love your family photo. Let the learning begin on that tablet!

  4. Aww MM’s Mom with the great grandsons! Glad you had some sweet visits with family Dianna. Too funny with Sundae.. 😀
    Good Morning!

  5. That first picture of Sundae is so funny, it’s like you caught her “mid-play” – what was she doing?

    Loved the photo of MM’s Mom with the little guys; precious beyond words.

    Have fun with the tablet, what a fun idea 🙂


  6. i like the ‘half a tablet’ dose. 🙂

    cute sundae girl!

  7. It was a very good Christmas! I hope everyone here had a great one as well!

  8. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Of course you could not leave Sundae out of the Christmas pictures. My heart goes out to Mrs. Keen Sr this year but she looks so sweet with her great grandchildren. The family photo is lovely and June looks well. So glad you had a good Christmas with family,we did too.

  9. Excellent pictures of Family!

  10. Sundae and Gypsy are both lovely and look like they provide loads of love for your household! Amazing how something so small can give so much love isn’t it?

  11. My nephew received the same tablet and was so excited! I hope you and your hubby enjoy yours. 🙂

  12. i love those curls. Merry Christmas!! ( :

  13. I like how you and Motor Man gave each other half a tablet. it should be a fun adventure learning how to use it.

  14. Precious shot of the great-Grandma. A happy new year to you.

  15. oh i love the way you “did” your christmas gifts. the hubs and i don’t exchange gifts at christmas as we “treat” ourselves all year long BUT that was an awesome idea!!

    gorgeous family photo!!

  16. Love all of the family pics. Such Love!

  17. Your family photo is great, even if Sundae didn’t cooperate. We know who is boss around there. 😉 I hope you enjoy your tablet. We gave each other half a treadmill this year.

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