Gypsy’s First Christmas

Gypsy celebrated her first Christmas yesterday.

Prezzies! For me?

In the large package was Gypsy’s new, “big-girl” bed (which she, so far, has ignored). The small package was a gift from our friends, Pam and Dave and their kitty, Sammy. It was a “cube” kitty playhouse.

gypsy looking out of cube 12-23-2013 9-43-09 PM

And Gypsy LOVES it! She rolled in it across the floor like a hamster in a wheel, she peeked out of it and curled up in it.

gypsy in cube 12-23-2013 9-45-32 PM

All attempts to get her to pose with a red bow on her head, however were…

gypsy and jr 12-23-2013 9-53-59 PM


marshall db gypsy 12-23-2013 9-57-52 PM

But, look at that sweet face. Who needs a red bow anyway?

gyp 12-23-2013 9-53-22 PM

~These Days Of  Mine~


16 responses to “Gypsy’s First Christmas

  1. Gypsy’s such a darling and growing so fast!!! Sounds like she had fun rolling around in her cube!

  2. So happy little Gypsy likes her kitty cube….we had a feeling she would! Bows? Naaaah…..the only way I can get Sam to wear ANYTHING is if I catch him half asleep (before he realizes what I’m up to!). Hope everybody’s Christmas was a nice as Gypsy’s was!

    Pam and Sam

  3. The “cube” was a hit. So cute.

  4. So cute!! We had the “grand puppy” … who was, by far, the cutest part of our Christmas day. Lord help us when we actually have a grand-baby!!

  5. Such a sweet kitty!! She just pours out love doesn’t she!

  6. How fun! Darling picture of Gypsy in the Cube, what a face!!! She is sporting three colors! Does that make her a dilute Calico? I know it makes her a happy sweet kitty.. 🙂 I had never picked up on the three colors before!

  7. such sweet family images, she fits right in!!

  8. glad she’s having fun. 🙂

  9. What a lucky kitty! 🙂 MJ

  10. Aw Gypsy is so beautiful and obviously loves her kitty cube! Pawesome! =^.^=

  11. It sure looks like Gypsy had a Merry Day!!!

  12. She had the cube rolling and tumbling across the floor … but the bow wasn’t happening !

  13. Gypsy looks like she loves her present. (Belated) Merry Christmas wishes!

  14. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Gypsy first Christmas looks like a complete success. She has such a cute face! That Cube is such a great ideal for kitties.

  15. Gypsy is becoming amazingly beautiful! And what a Merry Xmas she had. 🙂

  16. Sweet photos of Miss Gypsy’s first Christmas.

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