Summer To Winter In 36 Hours

Saturday morning, Motor Man needed to run an errand just across the Virginia/North Carolina border. The weather was almost perfect: sunny and temps in the low 70’s.  With a forecast looming for rain, sleet, wind and temps in the thirties for last night and today, we decided to head to the beach once our errand was complete.

The condition of the sand is different each time we go out on the beach. Saturday, it was perfect for driving; we didn’t even need to use 4-wheel-drive. That’s smoke in the distance, but we don’t know the source.

the beach 3-15-2014 12-23-57 PM

“My” wild horses are apparently still hunkered down in the brush, because we didn’t see any out on the beach. But we did spot this one, still wearing its winter woolies.

horse 3-15-2014 12-41-21 PM

I’m glad we stored up a little summer to get us through this (hopefully) last round of winter.


In shirtsleeves, but a bit windblown!

(No snow for us this St. Patrick’s Day morning; just windy, rainy and 34 degrees.)

~These Days Of Mine~

16 responses to “Summer To Winter In 36 Hours

  1. Yep – that’s how it’s been – winter one day, spring the next – we have 8-10 inches of snow so you lucked out this time! Beach shot looks like a landing strip!!


  2. I knew you would probably be snowed in again, Pam. but our cold rain is just miserable without the beauty of snow. I think the beach ponies will have their winter woolies a lot longer.

  3. Yes, Saturday was a beautiful day in North Carolina. I love to see the wild horses roaming the beach.
    Great photos!

  4. We had the beautiful weather you had on Saturday and then I woke up Sunday to freezing rain and sleet and later about an inch and a half of snow. Windy! Down to 18 last night. 50 today with sun… crazeeee! That blue sky is BLUE and beautiful!!!

  5. Sister is reporting 4-6 inches of snow and not going into DC for work this morning. As Rick and I sat outside yesterday, the temperature dropped and it seemed like I had brought those howling North VA winds home with me. “Windblown” for sure from the East Coast to the Gulf Coast. Goodness, this is the winter that will never end.♪ Reminds me of a song.

  6. Looks like a peach of a day. I love the fuzzy horse. It’s always comical to see the sleek beauties turn in to teddy bears in the winter time. 🙂
    Our weather is still in the freezing temps at night and not much better during the day. It’s gray and rainy… but we carry sunshine in our hearts and hope for warm clear days soon.

  7. We are glazed in ice in central VA this Monday morning. My crocus and daffodil are not amused. Old Man Winter, go away, for crying out loud.

  8. The weather was similar here: Sat. was beautiful, but Sunday we had rain, then winds that blew so hard and loud it sounded almost like thunder at times. I’m wondering if you have that today.

  9. That’s what I hear people saying all the time now: ” one more day..” And I think we’re all ready for some warmth..
    The winter woolies look really warm- great pic !

    Happy St. Pat’s ,everybody !

  10. As always – great photos! I love the horse in winter woolies and the one of you and Motorman is adorable. 🙂

  11. Can’t wait to go barefoot on that sand. Thanks for giving us a beach to dream on – this day of winter, again!

  12. Such a pretty (albeit windy) day! And I love the horse in his winter woolies. Do you 2 ever take a bad picture? Cause I’ve never seen one
    🙂 MJ

  13. What a lovely pic. I prefer the ones where we aren’t all coiffed and perfect. You look so happy!

  14. You and JR had a great day for the Outer Banks. Today not so good very cold and wet. Love the pic of you and JR!

  15. I’m glad you got out and enjoyed the day. It does make the wintry weather a little more bearable.

  16. It’s such a blustery month! We haven’t hit 70 yet…almost 60 one day. We’re funny, cause when it’s over 35 and the sun’s out, we all feel like it’s warm up here!

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