National Kitty Holiday?

Last Tuesday was apparently an unannounced national holiday: Silly Kitty Pose Day. Or purrhaps that should be: Kitty Silly Pose Day.

First there was our shop kitty, Gypsy:

gyps1 3-11-2014 12-30-13 PM

With her silly kitty poses, including the extended paw.

gypsy paw 3-11-2014 12-30-53 PM

Then when we got home, we found our kitty, Sundae, celebrating the holiday:

sundae2 3-11-2014 2-34-19 PM

Again, with the paw pose:

sundae1 3-11-2014 2-34-45 PM

Then, later, Marshall sent us pictures of his kitty, Snugg, also taking part in the holiday.

snugg1 3-11-2014 2-48-55 PM

And with his obligatory paw pose…

snugg2 3-11-2014 2-48-02 PM

So maybe we shouldn’t be surprised if there’s a new holiday on next year’s calendars.

~These Days Of Mine~


21 responses to “National Kitty Holiday?

  1. the mutual paw extension is very clearly a sign of affection and trust! They’re all precious 🙂

  2. So cute…..”tummy up” pose is also a sign of trust and certainly this trio of kitties knows they’re loved!


  3. Aww all 3 kitties so sweet! So Gypsy moved to her “big girl” bed.. 🙂 Looks like Sundae and Snugg are enjoying a BIG BIG bed! Good Morning Dianna!

  4. Glad to see your kitties and Marshall celebrated the holiday…Kitty-babies are like human babies…they grow up way too fast! Gypsy is such a big girl now!

  5. It was happening over our way, too. Believe you are on to something!!

  6. Those are too cute! They’re waiting for the tummy scratch. 🙂

  7. I just love your babies.They are so sweet and cuddly…….jj

  8. I tried to pop in a picture of Hattie but couldn’t figure it out. 😦
    Hmmmm /Users/susankrause/Desktop/Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 8.55.02 AM.png

  9. Oh! Oh! Oh! Yous all looks so cuddly!!!
    Mes would LIVES to pawticipate!!! Can wes have it once a month?

  10. adorable. i’d vote for it. 🙂

  11. Such adorable kitties! I finally have a kitten who will let me pick her up. She has a really loud purr!

  12. Every day is Kitty Silly Pose Day !!

  13. I bet it’s just spring fever! Maybe these adorable ‘models’ need to pose for a Kitty a Day Calendar. 😉 Our silly kitty Callie poses like that too, but stops when I get the camera. She seems to have an aversion to me taking photos of her.

  14. We’d better send our creations to Hallmark post-haste! It looks like they’re practicing yoga stretches with their paws.

  15. I agree, there should be a kitty holiday! Sundae, Gypsy and Snugg could head it up. Sweet kitty pictures!

  16. These are all adorable! It’s been years since we’ve had a kitten, they all look so sweet and cuddly.

  17. Beatrice P. Boyd

    We are petless at the moment by choice, but have been both cat and dog owners…or rather had pets who owned us. Every time I see a cute kitty, like yours, I consider going to the local animal rescue and adopting…but then with trying to sell and relocate, eventually it’s best to wait awhile longer (sigh). Thanks for sharing yiur beautiful kitties and your son’s as well.

  18. Purrfect kitties for a purrfect holiday. Looks like all the furbabes celebrated with beauty and grace.

  19. I loved this post. I’m always amazed at the positions cats can wrangle their bodies into. Yours are so cute.

  20. Love this post, Dianna!
    Ah, such a cuuuuuuttteeee tummmmieeeesssss!!!!❤️😁

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