Treasure Hunting….The REST Of The Story

Last Thursday, I posted about a recent “treasure” I found, and shared that I didn’t know exactly what it was.

beach scene 3-26-2014 6-02-31 PM

(I failed to mention in my post that I found this at a local antique shop. That little bit of info will figure in to the rest of the story.)

In what might be seen as a synchronicity, the same day that I posted about my “find”, I was added to a Facebook group for those who like old things.  The page was started by some friends who live in our area.

I posted the above picture to that page, and the founder commented that she had admired this little treasure, and that it had been in the collection of a friend.

Her friend later commented that, yes, it had belonged to her, that it was originally part of a baby crib, and that she had found it in Cape Cod.

So, now you (and I) know….the REST of the story!

~These Days Of Mine~


23 responses to “Treasure Hunting….The REST Of The Story

  1. That’s so cool that you found out what it was from folks who knew of it first hand. I was curious about it, it’s a charming old piece and now it’s got an even richer story to go with it. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Olde Towne Photos

    That is so kewl. One of my FB friends spotted a picture in my album that my Mom had painted. She had admired it for years at her aunt’s house and didn’t know the history. I had always wondered what became of it. Another mystery solved.

  3. Isn’t it great to know the history? You thought it might be part of a crib and you were right!


  4. You got it to go over a door at the beach house, right? So this charming piece that started in Cape Cod now goes to (the) OBX.

  5. Seredipity!! Who would have thought someone else had even seen this …. well, someone who was on the same FB page!

  6. Knew I was going to leave out at least one letter….serendipity!!

  7. Funny how connected we all are. Glad the mystery is solved.

  8. How special. The circle complete and a piece that is loved again. Good For You!

  9. This just goes to show that you NEVER know when you will learn the story behind a great find. Thanks for sharing, Dianna.

  10. The powers of the internet! I’m glad the mystery has been solved. Thanks for the update!

  11. It’s always nice to know the background of a special find and this was a great circle of completion, Dianna.
    (FYI, this is Dorothy/Beatrice from the Frog & PenguINN blog, but I also have a WordPress account, which can get confusing at times.)

  12. How special you found the origin of this piece of artwork! From Cape Cod to your cottage making new memories. It is a darling painting! Dianna I am shooting you an email, i have questions.. need halp!!!

  13. How interesting!! I guess it is a small world after all, especially in the days of computer friendships. It’s a very sweet little piece. Now don’t you wonder about the crib and who used it?

  14. neat to get confirmation. 🙂

  15. Love the story and your special find. I’m glad the “cliff hanger” is over!

  16. Definitely a synchro ! – Glad we got the rest of the story…..
    And you have it in a great place now !

  17. How wonderful. The scene reminds me of how the illustrations looked in the ‘Dick and Jane’ books I read when I was young.

  18. And now I have the rest of the story! Glad I read the first post first!!! I agree with Margie that it looks like Dick and Jane!!!!

  19. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    It just shows how things and people can come full circle. Great story and it shows how small this world can be!

  20. Wow! That is amaaaaazing Diana. 🙂

  21. What a great story! It’s amazing how you found out what it was via a virtual grapevine. Now that you say that it’s from a crib, I can see it but I never would have guessed it.

  22. I’m glad you got the rest of the story.

  23. That’s awesome that you found out the rest of the story.

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