I’d Like To Buy An “E”

I struggled with whether or not to publish this post. We all make mistakes; hopefully, when we make them on our blogs, one of our blogging friends (or in my case, a SON) will catch them and alert us ASAP. But, when I saw this wedding announcement in Sunday’s paper, I couldn’t resist posting about it.

wedding announcement 4-7-2014 4-14-002

Of course, the word khaki is missing the “h”,  but then….when I saw the “collard” shirt, I could only hope that the newspaper policy is to publish items as submitted, without corrections.

But, the newlyweds looked sweet, and I wish them a long and happy marriage.

~These Days Of Mine~


27 responses to “I’d Like To Buy An “E”

  1. Hmm…..cute….wonder if the collard shirt was green…… 🙂


  2. Very clever title, Dianna.

  3. Spelling goofs, grammatical errors and typos drive me a bit crazy. Especially my own.. 😀 I would hope a blogging friend would let me know I have made a mistake. I reread my post in draft several times but I usually miss something. I do abuse words on purpose.. 🙄 The collard shirt cracks me up!
    Good Morning Dianna!

  4. Ha! Very funny! I have to say when our second two kids were in school. Writing to read was a curriculum used that encouraged writing skills without the need to spell correctly and there was no teaching of phonics. As a result our oldest son who was taught phonics in Richmond before moving to Blacksburg, is a much better speller than our younger two sons. And I have noticed this trend of many young adults not being the best at spelling correctly at least in our area. OK….I’ll get off my soapbox now!

  5. Well, I think it’s a great post! But then again I have been known to make spelling corrections on public signs – once wiping off the extra “n” in “dinning room” in a restaurant. Couldn’t help myself!! Love your headline!!!!!

    • Oh, I have been SO tempted to do that….but I’ve never given in……yet. You may have just inspired me. My pet peeve is “inconvenience”….

  6. Congratulations on another picture published in the Daily Press. The picture of Mama Keen is so precious. She sure does look happy to be with her children!

  7. Opps! Glad the groom didn’t have a skinnny toe. 🙂 You would expect more from a newspaper.
    Great title!

  8. Yes, we hate to be the one to make the call, especially when we sometimes make mistakes of our own! I hope mine are pointed out to me! Do you think they didn’t have spell check? – with khaki at least? Hmmm? Are there any mistakes here? I find myself double and triple checking! HAHa!

  9. I would like a collard shirt, you can eat it when it is dirty :o)

  10. Spell check gets so many people in trouble…that’s what happens when you depend on a machine to do your thinking. I’ve seen misspelled words in published books,too. When ebooks first came on the scene, it wasn’t unusual to see spelling errors even in well-known writers’ works. Much better now…Doesn’t anyone proof read these days? or maybe the proof reader can’t spell either!! Wow! My comment is longer than your blog!! Sorry!!!!

  11. Perhaps they were hungry when they penned this?

  12. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I can not say to much because I am not good in spelling or English.
    As much as you have to pay to have something in the newspaper you would think they would try to have it correct. Wouldn’t it be funny if the couple meant to have it that way. 🙂 🙂

  13. Sometimes an “e” makes ALL the difference in the world !
    I wonder what sort of foods will be served at the reception ?!

  14. Oh, I LOVE it! I have several pet peeves – which witch should I use or they’re or their or you’re or your………………I could go on and on! I do wish the couple well!

  15. Maybe English isn’t their first language? One would think an editor or proofreader would catch it. May they have a lifetime of happiness.

  16. I have to admit I’m one of those who so easily catches mistakes in print, so I cringe when I see items like that too. The days of proofreading seem to be long gone.

  17. Oooh, spelling mistakes are one of my pet peeves. I really struggle to walk past side walk chalkboards with glaring mistakes on them. I have to admit that I can’t believe this went to print. Was the editor sleeping?

  18. What do u expekt wen u spend ur tym texting? Young folks must write for that newspaper and young folks must edit it. Funny post. 🙂 Sad post. 😦
    A treatise on the times.

  19. This post brings back memories the typos and funny ads that Jay Leno used to share on the Tonight. show. I always enjoyed that segment, and have missed them since he’s no longer on the air.

  20. Cute catch Dianna. I wonder what color is Kaki. lol
    Maybe his shirt was really green and they didn’t want to tell him. lol I kid, I kid….

  21. I didn’t catch the missing “h”, but I’m wondering, was the shirt “colored” or does it mean it had a collar? lol This makes me think of mistakes in church bulletins.

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