Daffodil Adventure

Yesterday, our Sunday adventure with Motor Man’s mom was a trip to the 28th annual Daffodil Festival in Gloucester, Virginia, about an hour from us.

Although we’d been to Gloucester several times, yesterday was the first time any of us had been to the Festival.  Daffodils, yellow bows, artwork, music, food, crafts, people, and historic buildings in the background.

street 4-6-2014 1-50-01 PM

Motor Man and his mom posed for this sweet picture.

jr and mom 4-6-2014 1-51-27 PM

We treated Mom to a Daffodil Festival jacket AND a bouquet of daffodils.  Yesterday would have been Pop’s 92nd birthday; I’m sure he was smiling down on her.

mom and flowers 4-6-2014 2-15-14 PM

The three of us had our picture taken in the Virginia Is For Lovers  LOVE sign.

va is for lovers1 4-6-2014 2-09-34 PM

Close up…

va is for lovers closeup 4-6-2014 2-09-44 PM

And, back home, MY daffodil of choice from the Festival: Pink Charm.

pink charm 4-6-2014 7-05-03 PM

It was another fun Sunday afternoon adventure. (Motor Man said it was the perfect destination, since “some” of us are a little…..daffy.)  He didn’t elaborate…..

~These Days Of Mine~


25 responses to “Daffodil Adventure

  1. What a great way to spend a Sunday! Great photos…..love the one of Motor Man and his Mom…..AND I agree with you on your “choice of daffies” the Pink Charm. Gorgeous!


  2. Pink Charm is beautiful and love the picture of Motor Man’s Mom in her new jacket with the bright yellow writing and the bouquet of matching Daffs! Such a lovely day, sounds like fun!

  3. Every picture spells love. Wonderful portrait of MM and his mother. And those pink daffodils are unique.

  4. What a perfect day! SUch fabulous photos! Oh, how I miss Virginia.

  5. Dianna, those Pink Charms are going on my must-have list for fall bulb-planting. I love the Daffodil Festival!!

  6. Oh wow! What gorgeous daffodils! It looks like you had fun! I love Virginia myself. Ellie

  7. Daffy! HaHa He has a good since of humor!

  8. Beautiful pictures and beautiful daffodils,dear Dianna !❤️❤️❤️

  9. A lovely day to spend a beautiful Sunday. I,too, love the Pink Charm daffies. I’ve never seen that color before And the picture of JR and Mrs. K is great.

  10. Love the Pink Charms. I may have to get some to add to our yard. I brought a bouquet of daffodils to school today – bringing the sunshine in! What memories you and ‘daffy’ are making with his Mom!

  11. What a beautiful festival. Great photos dcumenting the day. Love the love photo. It’s so appropriate.
    The photo of MM’s Mom holding the daffodils is so sweet. You can see the happiness in her eyes. I know she enjoyed celebrating Pop’s 92nd birthday in such a fine fashion. I bet he was smiling down on you all with pride and joy.
    I like your choice of daffodils. I hope you was able to get some bulbs to plant to grow and bloom in your yard next year.
    Motor Man is such a character, I can’t imagine who he was referring to as Daffy. lol
    I hope you have a happy and sunshine filled week.

  12. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a grand ideal for a festival! Chuck and I are going to make a note of it and maybe go next year. The picture of JR and Mrs Keen is precious. Your pink charm daffodils is a winner! So pretty.
    JR is a joker like my Chuck. Have a good week, Dianna.

  13. haha. 🙂 loved the blooms.

  14. Margaret Spencer

    Well said, Motor Man. I have never been to the festival; I am usually working. Is it terribly crowded, can you park and find lunch easily? I would love more details if you have time. Margaret writer714@juno.com

  15. Another one of those great “Main Street” style gatherings – never heard of this one ! I can see everybody had a good time; and this was a fine way to honor Pop’s birthday …

  16. This is so nice of you to take her on outings; I know she must look forward to each Sunday. And the pictures will be so precious to you in years to come.

  17. Well, you may be ‘daffy’ but you have great company! Looks like you enjoyed another lovely Sunday together. By the way, those pink charmers are simply beautiful!!

  18. Gotta love MM’s sense of humor. Yours are the prettiest daffs ever! I’m sure the jacket came in handy, it was a bit chilly here, so I imagine even more so up there.

  19. This is one of my favorites so far – I love how you all spend every Sunday afternoon with MM’s Mom – and the daffodils are just beautiful! Thanks for taking time to do this blog – each post warms my heart!

  20. I’ve never seen a pink daffodil! Beautiful. And just as beautiful are the models in this post – the three of you.

  21. What a fun festival! Similarly to others, I’ve never seen a pink daffodil before. It is lovely.

  22. Marvelous! Wes lives it!!!

  23. Loved the photo of MM’s Mom and her flowers – what a sweet thing to do 🙂 and pink daffodils – how unique. Sounds like a great outing!

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