Treasure Hunting: Follow-up

If you recall, in Friday’s post, I mentioned that my friend, Donna, and I were planning a busy Saturday morning.

We met at the antique shop when they opened and were their second and third customers. I had mentioned in Friday’s post that the antique shop sent out an email last week, and that there was a little item in the email that caught my eye.  The shop is only open one Saturday each month, so I knew if we got there early, it should still be there. And it was.

sand shovel 4-13-2014 3-22-12 PM

A sweet little child’s vintage sand shovel. Another “find” for the beach house.

But I also found this:

coffee pot 4-13-2014 3-20-34 PM

An old enamel coffeepot. (The little stool was a treasure found quite some time ago.)  The coffeepot will be perfect, filled with some of “that old moss“.

a sunny and warm Saturday morning spent with a friend, a few little found treasures for each of us and a giggle-filled lunch: fun times!

~These Days Of Mine~


24 responses to “Treasure Hunting: Follow-up

  1. Another successful treasure hunt!


  2. You have a “playing at the beach” theme going with this sweet shovel and the “children at the beach” scene.

  3. My “that old moss” in my tea kettle is going to town! Can’t kill that stuff. And I love it. Think of you every day when I see it.

  4. Great finds Dianna! Love the shovel!

  5. Love the shovel….you sure have a great eye for re-purposing an old item. Doris, I’m the only person I know who can kill the hen and chicks plant!!

  6. A treasure found and a “giggle-filled” lunch with a friend – A PERFECT day!

  7. You sure know how to find the treasures! I love the shovel!

  8. I adore that shovel!!!

  9. The shovel is really neat! I have a weakness for vintage coffee pots…I think I have 4 now…..
    Marty’s Mom

  10. yay for the moss! mine’s doing great, btw!

  11. It was a great day! Found a vintage milk bottle carrier, a P Buckley Moss in perfect condition and a wonderful odd peice of Tupperware-perfect for storage. But best of all (besides petting that sweet old “Greeter Horse” in Surry at Markets in the Park) is time spent with my lovely friend Dianna! I look forward to our next trip.

  12. You’re finding some great goodies for your beach house. Love it!

  13. Oh what a grand and lovely day! I love the child’s sand shovel – a real treasure for the beach house!

  14. I love shopping around at antique stores with friends! Looks like you have some great finds 🙂

  15. Another great trip!
    I’m glad it was still there … it pays to be early !!
    & I can definitely see some Old Moss taking up residence in the Pot !

  16. Such charming and quaint finds. That shovel is a peach. It’s going to make a wonderful addition to your decor at the beach house. 🙂

  17. Perfect!

  18. What terrific finds!! Please remember to show us the “old moss” when it gets started.

  19. Wow–no wonder you wanted to get there early–what a great little shovel!

  20. I love it! That shop sounds lovely. Please say you’ll share it’s name soon. Congrats on your photo being chosen. You always have the best photos.

  21. Cutest shovel ever!! I know you will find just the right place for it at the beach house. The old coffee pot is charming. The moss will just add more charm.

  22. I can see why that shovel caught your eye. I know you will enjoy seeing it on a regular basis.

  23. Beatrice P. Boyd

    It is such fun when treasures from the past are found and treasured anew. One of our local thrift stores had a spring sale this weekend and I also found treasures, although not as old.

  24. Great finds. I think that little shovel is super cute.

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