Random Five Friday

My thoughts today for Random Five Friday:

1.) Tomorrow, my friend, Donna and I are planning a morning of antiquing, farmers’ “marketing”, greenhouse shopping and lunch.  The antique shop sends out an email with photos of new items, and one in particular has caught my eye. They don’t show prices, so I’ll have to wait and see. Hopefully, I’ll have a new treasure to share photos of next week.

2.) I was contacted by email yesterday and asked for permission to use one of my photos in the creation of a web-site highlighting our county.  I’m very honored. This is the photo that they’re planning to use:

sun over smfd station lighthouse

3.) Here’s this week’s “silly Gypsy” photo. I’m  not sure exactly what she was doing with her hind legs here…

wayne and gypsy-001

4.) In addition to the deer, squirrels, rabbits, ducks, geese and swans that frequent our yard, this week, we saw a wild turkey.  It’s the first one we’ve ever seen here, but I wasn’t quick enough to get a picture.

5.) The first thing I do every morning is open the living room curtains. Wednesday morning, I was just in time.

sunrise 1a 4-9-2014 6-48-50 AM

For more random thoughts, visit Nancy at A Rural Journal.


~These Days Of Mine~


25 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. Beatrice P. Boyd

    Congrats, Dianna, on the photo to be used on the county website. The sunrise photo was outstanding and makes early rising a pkus. Hooe yiu find some great finds on yiur day out.

  2. Good for you on the use of your photo in the website for your county. Also it sounds like you’re on the trail of a new treasure – can’t wait to see if you get it on your antiquing jaunt! Gypsy looks totally RELAXED! She’s happy…..


  3. Wow! Nice honor (and very deserving) – if there’s a link I hope you’ll share.

    Maybe Gypsy was just so relaxed she started her yoga poses early?

    🙂 Today sounds fun, enjoy!

  4. Dianna, your photographs are absolutely stunning! Congratulations on the recognition. You are a talented photographer! Happy Weekend!

  5. Well so much good in this R5F! Congrats on the picture being selected for the web design and hopefully we will see pictures of your new treasure. Gypsy is such a relaxed, laid back, silly little girl! I think she really is a contented kitty! Golden sunrise!

  6. Congratulations! You take wonderful photos and they recognize your talent and ♥.

  7. Sounds like tomorrow is going to be a fun day. I hope you can get your treasure.
    Congratulations on your photo. That’s awesome. I always said you could be a professional photographer. You capture the heart of scene in the perfect light.
    Silly Gypsy looks like she’s practicing to be a bunny rabbit to hop around delivering eggs. lol What a sweetie she is.
    That’s neat about the turkey. I figure it’ll be back soon. the wildlife know they’re safe in your yard.
    Wow, what a magnificent sunrise to greet you. Truly it’s a honey of a morn and great capture by you.
    Hope you have a fun weekend.

  8. Congratulations on someone else recognizing your talented photography! Gypsy-girl is always content on someone’s lap. I don’t think she knows what a stranger is!!

  9. Can I come with you tomorrow? I wish I could live in an antique shop :o)

  10. CONGRATS!! on the photo recognition! ALL of your photos tell a story worth telling. Thanks for sharing with all of the rest of us. We live vicariously through your lens.

  11. Your harbor picture for the web-site is awesome. Congrats. I also like you Wednesday morning sunrise; the colors and shadows are amazing.

    Happy weekend to you.

  12. Gorgeous sunrise. Congrats on your photo being selected — it is lovely. Gypsy is just too cute. Enjoy your day out with your friend — always fun to go out adventuring! Happy Friday.

  13. It’s wonderful that they are going to use one of your photos on a website promoting your county. You always have such wonderful pictures of the area onThese Days of Mine, and it’s wonderful that others recognize how good they are.

  14. I knew you would be famous one day!

  15. Congratulations! That’s exciting stuff and you so deserve the honor. Hope you’re having a fun antiquing day!

  16. Congratulations on your photo being selected for a website Dianna! That is quite an honor. Love the sunrise shot too. Have fun with your friend “antiquing.” 🙂

  17. Have fun tomorrow! – another great series here…. & I can understand why they want to use your marina photo !

  18. Good luck antiquing and I think the photo is a superb choice to highlight your county. You can almost hear the seagulls and smell the water. So much beauty all around us, isn’t there?

  19. you take the best photos! congratulations!!

  20. That is exciting news about your photo – It’s gorgeous and so is that last one. What a view you have. Sundae is as always adorable as can be.

  21. How clever of your tourist board to choose your photo–it’s beautiful! As is the one of the sunset, and the cat, and, and . . . 🙂

  22. Congrats on your picture being selected. You deserve it! I am beginning to think Gypsy just likes to have someone around. Good luck on your treasure hunt tomorrow. I love your front window view!! Have a good weekend. ❤

  23. I am sure that many more of your photographs will be used in the future. You have a knack at capturing beauty. I love to look in antique stores. It makes me think of old days with my grandparents. Enjoy your day!

  24. You were right on time Wednesday morning–lovely! This is definitely a favorite. Can’t wait to see if you get a new treasure! Congratulations on the use of your photo!

  25. Yes, open the curtains and let the light in 🙂

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