The Prelude…

…to a storm bringing several hours of heavy rain, gale force winds, a 35-degree temperature drop in less than four hours…and sleet.

old boat 4-15-2014 6-14-053

Oh, what a night.

~These Days Of Mine~


21 responses to “The Prelude…

  1. Oh what a night is right! And then the moon shone….WONDERFUL picture-postcard worthy.

  2. It sure was……we didn’t have sleet (that I heard) but we sure had the wind and it’s only 32 here this morning. BRRRRR


  3. Hope no damage done. Guess the blossom got a beating though.

  4. I thought I heard sleet hitting the window but with the wind blowing the rain so hard, I wasn’t sure. It’s great to see the sun today. Love the picture of your cedar and boat!

  5. We had a bit of that weather.. snowed on Monday! Ridiculous!!! Gorgeous picture Dianna. I clicked to enlarge.. 😉 Looks like a painting~lovely!!!

  6. This photo is frameable (is that a word?) I love it.

  7. I feel your pain. We had the same, minus the sleet. Fortunately we have a gorgeous forecast for the upcoming weekend.

  8. such weird weather. sounds like you were safe, though.

  9. I hope all are well and you have no damaging or a power blackout.

  10. Yes, we are fine. I should have added a note: just patio chairs blown over, etc. No major damage, thankfully!

  11. Oh, what a picture! The calm before the storm depicted perfectly. I’m glad you’re fine and had no damage.

  12. Oh my goodness. You all got smacked around pretty good. Maybe that will be the last gust of winter. I hope you all are okay and there wasn’t any damage.
    We’re in the low temps too. Gosh this is such a goofy time of year.
    Your boat photo is beautiful. 🙂

  13. Yep; the wind woke me up several times during the night.. hope that was it for the winter- chilly now, but hopefully a warm up is on the way!

  14. It was rocking and rollin here in KH too!

  15. Wow. You are one talented photographer, Dianna. What is it the poet said about April being the “cruellest” month?

  16. Your photo is beautiful ~ looks like a painting.
    We had frost yesterday morning so the plants on the porch were brought inside. Now we’re expecting more rain tomorrow.

  17. It was quite a night last night but you captured the beautiful of it! Your picture does look like a painting, beautiful!

  18. Seems like all over people are having “weird” weather. That’s quite the stormy sky.

  19. brrrr. . . that’s a big temperature drop.

  20. Crazy weather for sure! But how I love your photo of that boat!

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