Mama’s Birthday

My mother was born April 17, 1910, one hundred four years ago today.

In honor of her birthday, I thought I’d share a few photos of her life.

I have very few pictures of my mom and dad together.  (He died when I was just an infant, and I have no memory of him at all.) There’s no date on this picture, so I don’t know if it was before they were married, before they had children?

donnie and willie front 1-22-2010 3-56-037

My mom with my sisters, June and Rose.

mom june rose as children

With me, as a baby. Many nights, my mom and my sisters would swing me to sleep in that porch swing.

Donnie & Dianne 6-27-2010 9-33-48 PM

Fast forward to the early 1980’s, with Marshall and me.

goggie db marshall 1-22-2010 3-16-40 PM

At a family reunion, (far left) with her five sisters, early 1990’s.


And one of our very favorite pictures of her, taken on a trip with my sister, June, in Myrtle Beach, also early 1990’s.

goggie myrtle beach 3-27-2005 9-37-10 PM

“You count the hours you could have spent with your mother.
It’s a lifetime in itself.”
 Mitch Albom

~These Days Of Mine~


26 responses to “Mama’s Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday to your mom, I agree with your quote, I wish I could spend more time with my mom.

  2. OK – bring out the tissues. You’ve left such a loving tribute to your Mom. I absolutely LOVE the older pictures, but I think my favorite is the last one. Your Mom was a sweet lady. Thanks for sharing your loving memories.

  3. This is very touching, Dianna. I imagine each image you have of your mother is a treasure to you. And how the world has changed since your mother was born. It would be inconceivable to her to imagine her photos being admired by so many via cyber-space. The Mitch Albom quote is a poignant one.

  4. Wonderful pictures and memories♥ Your mom was born exactly 1 week before my dad!! IF they had been born on the same day that would have been really crazy! I think I told you before that Nita “had” to swing me to sleep on our porch swing as well – she said it was typically when everyone else was eating!

  5. “All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.”
    ― Abraham Lincoln
    Wonderful photo tribute. Happy Birthday to your mother.

  6. Loved all the photos, but especially her and her sisters 🙂 What a lovely tribute to someone you obviously adored very much.

    I’ll give my wee Mum an extra squeeze on your behalf, Dianna. 21 days!

  7. Happy Birthday to your Mom Dianna! Sweet tribute to her. Love the family reunion photo and the Mitch Albom quote. A porch is not a porch without a swing! My Mom has been gone since 1987 and I think of her every single day several times a day. She loved Easter, her second favorite holiday after Christmas.

  8. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos, Dianna. Your mother looks so happy to be at Myrtle Beach…sweet photo.

  9. Happy birthday, Mama……

  10. Your mom was a beautiful woman. This is so special.

  11. This was wonderful, Dianna. My mother was born 100 years ago on April 12.

  12. i remember seeing that last photo before. so sweet. loved all of them.

  13. What a lovely tribute to your mother. I loved seeing the pictures of your family. Aren’t those old photos such treasures? Hubby and I were just talking the other day about our folks (all gone now) and that his dad would be 115 if he were still alive today!

  14. Happy Birthday, dear Mrs. MGuriman!!

  15. Happy Birthday to your Mom. I know she’s looking down and smiling at your beautiful tribute to her on her special day. 🙂

  16. A wonderful birthday tribute … so many good photos here.. and the last one is definitely one of the best !

  17. My Mom was, also, born in 1910. She passed away in 1986 with melanoma. I was 46. I still miss her. Thank you for showing your lovely photos with all of us.

  18. Your Mom was beautiful (as you are) and looks like she was such a happy person. How special is that to have such a great collection of pictures. BTW,

  19. Such a lovely tribute! I especially love the photo of your young parents–so sweet and happy.

  20. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I remember your sweet Mother and now that I have learned so much more about her from your blog, she was amazing! She endured much on this earth and still had her faith and love. I know, Dianna, without a doubt she would be very proud of you. Happy Birthday to a very special lady! ❤

  21. Happy Birthday to your mum! Beautiful tribute.

  22. Too heartbreaking for me to respond. How many times since my mother’s death have I wished for more time….

  23. Sweet post, a beautiful memorial to your mom! ~ Sheila

  24. Bittersweet post. I do love that last photo.

  25. Great photos of your family – especially love that last one of your Mom.

    Hugs, Pam

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