Sundae Says: Pawties And Friendships

To all the new readers of These Days, please allow me to introduce myself: I’m Sundae, kitty to Motor Man and Motor Mommy. Actually, I’m the “house kitty”, as they have a shop kitty named Gypsy.

Anyway, once in awhile, Motor Mommy allows me to write a blog post, and today, I’m sharing with you some photos from my exciting weekend. My boycatfriend, Sammy, threw a blogaversary bash, celebrating the third anniversary of his blog, One Spoiled Cat.

He asked me to help him welcome guests. Since it was a black-tie affair, that, of course, was necessitated a new evening gown for yours truly.


And here’s my handsome beau, Sam. Me-OW!


Since meeting in the blogging world, Sammy’s pawrents and my pawrents have become VERY good friends. They meet occasionally for lunch and antiquing (even though we live about three hours away), and Motor Mommy and Miss Pam, Sam’s mommy, e-mail each other EVERY day (sometimes they even write about US).

jrdbpam dave 12-11-2013 1-47-15 AM

Here’s to friendship, both the two-legged and the four-legged kinds!

~These Days Of Mine~


17 responses to “Sundae Says: Pawties And Friendships

  1. Oh yes absolutely – I’ll drink to that (friendships that is!!). I’m glad you had fun at the party Sundae – Sammy sure was proud to have such a beautiful girlcat on his arm and out on the dance floor. My Mom and Dad are SUPER happy to have your Motor Mom and Motor Man as friends – just wish it wasn’t THREE hours away for a visit!

    Hugs from Sam AND me………

  2. Love your dress Sundae. The color is great with your eyes. Happy Third Blogaversary to blogging neighbor Pam who we see here every day!

  3. made me smile!!

    well done!

  4. Olde Towne Photos

    Congrats on your accomplishments. I have your posts coming to my mailbox so I don’t miss them. It’s the first one I open. Thanks again.
    Clyde in P-Towne. 🙂

  5. Sundae you and Sammy did a wonderful job on the pawty and weren’t you the best looking couple there! Ralphie and I had a wonderful time! Isn’t it great to make great friends like you guys have!

  6. What a wonderful Pawty you and Sammy threw!! Such a glamorous couple!

  7. Ha ha…too cute! Great photo of the four of you!

  8. You are asuch a wonderful couple, even Jeeves the butler was deep impressed! I think it’s great that you all are friends, I wish I could meet some of the people behind the blogs too :o)

  9. You looked divine on the night Sundae – Sammy looked proud to have you on his arm 😉

  10. nice to be friends in real life, too. 🙂

  11. Looks like a great night out on the town !

  12. Very glamorous! Better than most people I know! ~ Sheila

  13. Sundae, you clean up very well girl! What a fun post!

  14. You found the perfect dress, Sundae! It looks like you lost some weight–or did you buy Spanx, too? Great photo of the two-legged friends.

  15. It was a wonderful party and you and Sammy looked wonderful. Love the picture of your Mom and Dad with Sammy’s parents.. very nice, superb that you have such a sweet friendship!!!

  16. You are all dressed for action and those pawty outfits are positively perfect!

  17. Wonderful fun with friends.

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