A New Fan

Motor Man and I were on/in/at the Outer Banks last week, and it just so happened that my friend, Donna, was also there on vacation with relatives. As much as Donna loves horses, she had never been to the Corolla area to see the wild horses.

So we were happy to introduce her to “my” horses.

We saw twelve during our morning on the beach, including these two. Donna said that she thought it to be a mother and her young colt. Perhaps the two of them realize that soon, he will be forced to leave the harem and find a mare of his own.

horses nuzzlin 7-23-2014 8-33-31 AM

Then Mom decided to roll over and have a good back scratch.  I love to see them do this; it must really feel good to kick up your heels like that.

roll over 7-23-2014 8-34-40 AM

 (groan)….time to get up….  Oh wait, that’s the sound I make when I get up in the morning….

time to get up 7-23-2014 8-35-01 AM

As much fun as it was to see those two, this is probably my favorite picture I took that day.

horse and egret 7-23-2014 8-40-35 AM

 We also saw this “Beach Boy” up on one of the dunes.

beach boy1 7-23-2014 8-57-42 AM 7-23-2014 8-57-42 AM

What a fun morning the three of us had.

db jr donna 7-23-2014 9-15-40 AM

And Motor Man was such a good sport, putting up with our antics. And the horses definitely have a new fan.

~These Days Of Mine~

18 responses to “A New Fan

  1. Nice that the three of you had such a great time enjoying YOUR horses!


  2. YOUR horses look wonderful! Great that you found yet another horse lover 🙂

  3. I HAVE to go there. It is on my bucket list and I will do it!!! I will!!!! 🙂

  4. I’m with Beth Ann. I must visit the Outer Banks one day…or a weekend.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful day! Beach Boy is very handsome.. 🙂 Friends, horses, and the beach.. perfection!

  6. So glad the horses were out and about for Donna to see. I’m sure JR had some antics to match yours and Donna’s!!

  7. I would love to see the wild horses in person!

  8. Fabulous, fantastic photos. I love them – the pics and the horses. And you three aren’t bad either.

  9. It was a great morning, even though I was confused when we didn’t see horses and you said, well let’s go to the fire house. I was thinking how did she know a good looking fireman always cheers me up, when she explained “you always see horses near the firehouse” and she was right! Even though I would not have objected to the fireman either….. It was a fun fun morning! Thanks Dianna and JR

  10. It’s always fun sharing your favorite things!

  11. I think my favorite pic is beach boy. I always did have eyes for a handsome boy on the beach. 😉

  12. Great series! I get the feeling there will be future trips there for the three of you !

  13. I have a feeling Donna will be visiting Corolla again. Great photos, Dianna!

  14. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Spending time with good friends is always wonderful! The pictures are great, but my favorite is the one with that beautiful bird standing right close to the horse.

  15. Sounds like everyone had a fun day!

  16. Great series of photos, Dianna.

  17. Lots of great pictures. I’m glad you were able to find some horses to share with Donna. I’ll bet MM enjoyed every minute!

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