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Disappointed In NatGeo

I normally steer clear of any controversial subjects, but this shocked me to the point that I really felt the need to post about it.

Yesterday afternoon, when Motor Man came home from the shop, he sat down to relax and turned on the tv. He was flipping through the channels, as usual, and I was in and out of the room.

He landed on an episode of “Going Deep” on National Geographic, and the show was about paper airplanes. I was half listening to it as I checked my e-mail.

I wasn’t familiar with that show or the host, David Rees. I could not believe what I was hearing when he made a comment about how the ratings for that particular episode should be exceptional and used God’s name in vain in the sentence.

And if that weren’t bad enough, he said the same thing later in the show.

Okay, remember that this is National Geographic. Is this not considered educational tv? And is this show not taped? So that phrase could certainly have been cut from the show,  or at least “bleeped”.

I posted this as a status update on my Facebook page, and one of my friends commented that I should ride the school bus and listen to the language there. Agreed. BUT, those are CHILDREN, using bad language to make themselves feel like grown-ups.

David Rees is an adult….on a tv channel whose purpose is to educate. He should be leading by example. If he must use that language in order to express himself, in my opinion,  he’s the wrong person for the job. And yes, I fired off an email to NatGeo, letting them know how I feel. And Motor Man agrees; we most likely won’t be watching that channel again.

I realize that I’m a fuddy-duddy old lady. And I’m sure I’ll have readers who disagree with me, and that’s fine. I just can’t see any reason why obscene language belongs on afternoon tv, much especially National Geographic. 

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