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Gotcha, Gypsy!

One year ago this evening, Motor Man found a tiny, quivering gray ball of fur behind our shop.

This was the first picture we took of her.

db and kitty 8-19-2013 7-18-20 PM

 Since then, I’ve shared many photos of our sweet Gypsy girl, including this one, which made it into our local paper.

gypsy lying on jr 9-8-2013 4-05-10 PM

Due to a “scheduling conflict”, which prevented us from celebrating today, we had a little Gypsy’s Gotcha Day party yesterday. The humans had cupcakes, and while Gypsy didn’t have any, she was required to inspect and approve of them.

gypsy cupcakes closeup 8-18-2014 10-20-18 AM

Pictures with her humans were taken, including an attempted re-enactment of the one with her and Motor Man.

mm and gypsy 8-18-2014 10-31-36 AM

With her buddy, Marshall.

marshall and gypsy 8-18-2014 10-23-17 AM

And her Motor Mommy.

db and gypsy 8-18-2014 10-32-29 AM

Our Gotcha Day gift to Gypsy was this little goldfish, which, when batted around, makes what is supposed to be a “glub-glub” sound. (Gypsy’s three humans decided that it sounded more like an engine trying to start. Purrhaps we should call it the Motor Fish.)  Gypsy agreed to have her photo taken with it.

gypsy and fish 8-18-2014 12-19-47 PM

And even gave in to temptation to play with her newest toy.

gypsy with fish in mouth 8-18-2014 12-23-51 PM

Happy Gotcha Day, Gypsy!  You’ve made lots of friends this year, and we’re happy to have you as our official shop greeter and member of our family.

~These Days Of Mine~