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The Stamp Set

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, one of the items I found at the antique shop Tuesday was a vintage rubber stamp set.

stamp box 8-20-2014 1-54-09 PM

When we first discovered this at the shop, my friend, Pam,  and I quickly decided that this was, most likely, not the original box for this stamp set. That was apparent because of the information on the label on the outside of the box.

label 8-20-2014 1-53-18 PM

Yesterday afternoon, I began sorting through the stamps. I had mentioned in my blog post that there were both images and words within the set. I’m going to do some research to try to determine the date, but there were a few clues in the “auto” stamp as well as the “school” stamp.

stamps1 8-20-2014 2-14-41 PM

I soon discovered another clue hinting that this wasn’t the original box. As I sorted the stamps, I discovered that they won’t all fit in the box if arranged neatly.

stamps2 8-20-2014 2-32-40 PM

A reader suggested yesterday that perhaps this belonged to a teacher. As I worked with the stamps, I wondered about the person (teacher, perhaps?) who owned this set. Was she upset that the stamps didn’t fit neatly in the box?

stamps3 8-20-2014 2-32-53 PM

The day slipped away, and I didn’t have a chance to ink the stamps. Perhaps I’ll get that done today, and it can be one of my Random Five Friday items tomorrow.

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