Daily Archives: August 15, 2014

Random Five Friday

It’s been a rather uneventful week, but maybe I can come up with five random thoughts today.

1.) A wren has built a nest in this little birdhouse perched on a rustic old stool on our deck. I think she’s finally getting accustomed to us walking by her home.

wren bird house 8-14-2014 8-26-03 AM

2.) Speaking of birds, here’s this week’s hummingbird photo.  I’m not sure why, but he looks HUGE! I think I still have just the one hummie coming to my feeder.  Once in awhile, I’ll see two, but they always seem to have a little show-down,  and then they both fly away.

hummie from back 7-20-2014 4-28-20 PM

3.) Last week, I walked too close to the recliner, resulting in what I think is a broken little toe. (I’ll spare you a photo of that.) You know: the one who cried “whee, whee, whee” all the way home”?  Well, mine’s just crying.

4.) Marshall sent me this picture of his kitty, Snugg. I think Snugg’s a little camera hog, and I think Marshall has an eye for a nice photo.

snugg 8-14-2014 8-54-08 PM

5.) And lest Sundae be jealous, I’ll share a photo of her showing off entertaining us when my niece and her son were visiting. (Gypsy will have her time in the spotlight next week.)

sundae on chair 8-1-2014 3-45-10 PM

And that’s it for my random five this week.  What randomness is happening in your world?

~These Days Of Mine~