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Hummies And Wrens, Oh My!

To say that Sundae has enjoyed the hummingbird feeder we placed directly in front of her window seat would definitely be an understatement. She’s my little spotter, “chattering” whenever a hummie approaches.

sundae and hummie feeder 8-22-2014 12-59-47 PM

I mentioned last week that wrens had built a nest in this little used-to-be decorative birdhouse on our deck.

wren bird house 8-14-2014 8-26-03 AM

Yesterday, I heard Sundae chattering and saw that she was very intent on something just outside the living room window.

sundae looking at wrens 8-25-2014 3-02-33 PM

I watched and waited with her, and soon, we could see two of the three baby birds, ready to fly out of the birdhouse.

2 wrens 8-25-2014 3-02-24 PM

I wasn’t quick enough with the camera to catch them leaving, but soon, all three, as well as Mama Wren, were flitting around our deck.

wren on deck 8-25-2014 3-04-32 PM

 And Sundae was ready…she says: “This is WAY better than tv!”.

sundae ready 8-25-2014 3-05-02 PM

You’re so right, Sundae. What fun to watch all the birdies.

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