Daily Archives: August 13, 2014

Portulaca: It’s What’s For Dinner

One evening last week, I started out with my camera to take pictures of the sunset. As I stepped outside, though, I found a different photo subject in one of our flowerbeds.

busted 8-5-2014 7-50-56 PM

I very slowly took the camera strap from my shoulder and aimed in the direction of our little visitor. He obviously didn’t realize that eating the portulaca is a no-no.

portulaca 8-5-2014 7-51-05 PM

 “Uh-oh, am I in trouble?”  Well, you would be, if you weren’t so cute.

fawn3 8-5-2014 7-51-12 PM

“Well, just the same, I think I’ll be leaving now.”

last 8-5-2014 7-51-17 PM

(Shhh, don’t tell little fawn, but after he left, I sprayed the portulaca with Liquid Fence.)

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