Daily Archives: August 1, 2014

Random Five Friday

This week has been spent cleaning and getting everything ready for our family reunion tomorrow. So, today, I’ll just share some random recent photos.

1.) Perhaps my favorite picture (so far) of my hummie.  I love that he poses for me on the feeder.

hummie 7-25-2014 12-43-09 PM

2.) The crape myrtles are blooming: it must be summer! This one is actually more purple than what it appears in this photo.

 crepe myrtle 7-26-2014 7-10-31 AM

 3.)  Although I know it’s completely unreliable, last week, I began watching the extended forecast for Saturday’s weather. When I first looked at it, the forecast for tomorrow was “Rain, 90%”.  As time passed, that chance of precip has gone down to 15%, and is now at a 50% chance of scattered thunderstorms. We can only hope they’re scattered somewhere other than our yard.

4.) Yesterday, Motor Man and I did our end-of-the-month work at our shop. I had assistance.


5.) My niece and her son arrived yesterday for their annual visit, so I’m taking a little vacation from blogging. I’ll try to do some blog visiting next week, but won’t be posting.  These Days will return on August 11. Have a good week!

~These Days Of Mine~