Beach Girl

Not only have I become a horse lover in my later years, I’ve also become a beach girl.  Not the sun-bathing, nor swimming, nor even wading kind of beach girl, but the beachcombing kind.

With a nice sea breeze, I can stroll for hours, either alone or with a friend, sun-visor on, sand shell bucket in hand…knowing that the next treasure waits just a little further along the shoreline.

 PI1 9-4-2014 5-20-13 PM 9-4-2014 5-20-13 PM

Although sea glass is my favorite find, who can resist a pretty shell? Or a dozen?

PI 3 shells 9-4-2014 5-37-08 PM

A few days ago, I found a long stretch of deserted beach on the Outer Banks. It was a magical time, with Motor Man relaxing – (and watching) – in the shade of a nearby dune.


 The above pictures were taken with my cell phone. Motor Man had the camera and took this next one. See that tiny little white speck where the ocean meets the shore? That’s me.

db on beach 9-4-2014 5-51-56 PM

That’s Motor Man’s happy beach girl with her bucket of seashells. And one piece of sea glass.

db waving 9-4-2014 5-59-46 PM

~These Days Of Mine~

19 responses to “Beach Girl

  1. You were lucky to find that stretch of deserted beach…..AND it looks like you had a lot of shells to inspect and select from. Lucky you!


  2. What more could a beach-girl ask for? You’ve described so much of what I love about the beach. *BEACH* Best Escape Anyone Can Have

  3. Love Lori’s comment. 🙂 Looks like you both had a relaxing time.

  4. I so want to come to “your” beach!!!!! Save me some shells and glass, okay? One of these days I will make it there. I promise!

  5. OK, I’m officially ‘drooling’. That is one of my favorite things to do and see! Thanks for sharing ‘your’ beach with all of us.

  6. Looking good, Dianna. And what a nice way to celebrate the day.

  7. That would be my idea of good ‘beach time’ too! You look so cute with your pail and visor. 🙂

  8. Wonder what happened to my comment??!! Love these pictures. Unfortunately, it won’t be long before the beachcombing is on hold until next spring!!

  9. Oh I wish I was there
    I wish I was there. I wish I was there!

  10. Olde Towne Photos

    We are so fortunate to have a sanctuary so close to home. I had to empty my camera bag one time to make room for my new-found treasures. I brought home a set of 6 salad bowls.

  11. my kinda relaxing day. 🙂

  12. Looks like the perfect day for combing the beach!
    & I hope you made some good finds this morning !

  13. Great shots! It did look like you found a treasure trove.

  14. Awesome. The beach is one of the most relaxing places I’ve ever been. It’s so addicting to search a little further and then a little further because you never know what treasures await. I could do that for hours and hours. Great photos and that’s a wonderful smile of joy you’re wearing. 🙂

  15. What a great beach! I know what you mean, I love beach combing and how I can get lost in the serenity.
    Marty’s Mom

  16. I can totally relate to your love of beachcombing. I got to spend a couple days on White Rock Beach last month, and was delighted to find 15 or 20 small bits of sea glass.

  17. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Walking the beach is a fun past time. You never know what treasures you may find. Beautiful pictures too!!!

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