Williamsburg In The Fall

You may recall that, in last Friday’s Random Five, I mentioned that I was planning a trip to Williamsburg on Saturday with friends.

foliage 11-1-2014 9-23-14 AM

The Farmer’s Market was well-attended, but, as you might guess from the photos, it was blustery, chilly and overcast.

It was my first time at this Farmer’s Market. There were vendors with everything from dried wreaths to baked goods to dairy items, veggies, meats and seafood. This booth offered succulents planted in gourds and pumpkins, as well as topiaries.

topiaries 11-1-2014 9-16-02 AM

This sweet banner caught my eye. When I asked permission to take a picture, the vendor said the inspiration was Beatrice, one of the cows on their farm.

beatrice11-1-2014 9-43-32 AM 11-1-2014 9-43-32 AM

After leaving the Farmer’s Market, we shopped, had lunch, then shopped some more.

4 of us best 11-1-2014 9-36-27 AM

And all along the way, we laughed and talked and enjoyed  each other’s company. Did I mention that we talked?

It would take much more than a dreary day to dampen our spirits.

~These Days Of Mine~

21 responses to “Williamsburg In The Fall

  1. Williamsburg in the Fall is beautiful……it’s our favorite time of the year for a visit too. Glad you had fun with your “gal pals” !


  2. Looks like a perfect day for an outing with great friends 🙂

  3. Lovely and yes–that banner would have caught my eye as well.

  4. And the smells……..Isn’t it wonderful? Be sure to try the hot apple cider and gingerbread. It’s a must for us! But the best part sounds like it was the sharing of friendships! Good For You!

  5. I love Williamsburg and going with friends makes it all the better. Glad you had a nice time, Dianna!

  6. I’m sure the sun was shining on your pleasure in each other’s company, no matter the weather!

  7. Another place I have never been to…someday I must go. What lovely company you had. Love Beatrice.

  8. It was cold, dreary, and blustery, for sure. And still the warmth of friendship shines through.

  9. Looks like it was a lot of fun! 🙂 Ellie

  10. Looks like a great day…but what did you buy?

  11. Looks like another great time for all!

  12. Ellie, I was SOOOO glad you asked what we (I) bought! Wonderful baked loaves of pumpkin, lime and something,butter pound cake to freeze and bring out Christmas, little pumpkin stuffed with succulents, Christmas gifts, awesome pumpkin cupcakes with cream frosting–soo moist. But like my lovely Dianna said-the most fun was talking and pointing and leaning on each other and laughing and laughing. It was a glorious day in a beautiful town. Cannot wait to do it again and soon!

  13. I’ve only been in Williamsburg in the summer but I bet it’s beautiful in the fall – blustery day and all! Still looks like you had a great time with your friends. That warmth of friendship always does us wonders.

  14. Rainy days with friends can be the best!

  15. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    It a joy to be with friends no matter where you are! Williamsburg is a wonderful place to enjoy with friends.

  16. Sounds like a great day!

  17. What a beautiful day with the colors even though it wasn’t the best weather 🙂 Good friends always make it perfect!

  18. So nice to have a day with friends. Our local Farmer Markets have all moved indoors for the winter now, even though today will be 10 C it could change anytime now. Your tree’s still look beautiful. I spy a tiny topiary elephant in one photo ! That’s adorable.

  19. Ah, one of my favorite spots! Love the colors of the leaves, even with the dreary day! Looks like it was fun! ~ Sheila

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