Wordless Wednesday: Reflecting

reflection 11-9-2014 5-42-48 PM


“What are the best times to reflect on the course of your life? Whenever you are near water, such as the ocean, a quiet pond, or a small stream….”
~Jeff Davidson


~These Days Of Mine~

15 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Reflecting

  1. Beautiful sentiment/verse – totally matches the photo!


  2. Sitting in the rocking chair on the back porch looking over the pastures, barns, back fences, and whatever maybe flitting, fluttering or flying around…oh yes, include scampering and grazing, too.

  3. What a bootiful thought ^_^

  4. For some strange reason I have no picture! I will come back!!

    • I wonder why, Pix!? Patti also commented (later) that she didn’t get it, and from the small number of comments, that must have been a problem for many folks. Sorry! But thanks for visiting and commenting anyway!

  5. Beautiful picture (as always!). Ellie

  6. Just like a mirror out there !

  7. Amazing mirror image – so pretty!

  8. Lovely! Somehow water seems to invite thoughtful reflection.

  9. I didn’t get the picture, either.

    • I wonder why, Patti?! You and Pix both posted that comment, and I had a really low number of comments on the post. I shared it on the link on my FB page. Thanks for visiting and commenting anyway!

  10. I can see the photo – it’s lovely by the way. My favorite spot for reflection is sitting on my porch swing on the front porch with sunshine and the quiet murmurs of the country,

  11. I see the photo this morning, Dianna. Wow, that is beautiful! Glad it showed up.

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