Helpful Wintertime Hints

You have to admit one thing about this blog: you just never know what you’ll read here.

And, although I don’t profess in any way to give advice about health or beauty, I have discovered a couple of little tricks that might be of some help during this cold weather.

The first one I’ve known about for a long time. My sister, June, actually told me about this years ago.  When you have a head cold, each time you wipe or blow your nose, dab Chapstick on it afterward to prevent chapping. It really works!

cxhap 1-7-2015 6-52-15 PM

The next tip I just learned about this week.  For many years, I’ve suffered during the winter with rough cuticles and skin around my fingernails. No amount of cuticle oil or hand lotion or Vaseline could soften them. A couple of days ago, someone told me to use Neosporin ointment.  I cannot believe the difference in just two days. It really works!

neo1 1-7-2015 6-50-49 PM

So there you have it: These Days Of Mine helping you to be a little more comfortable this winter.

Feel free to share any tips you may have; we’re all in this together!

~These Days Of Mine~

28 responses to “Helpful Wintertime Hints

  1. Thanks for the hints! Neosporin is magic but I never thought to try it on my cuticles/dry skin.


  2. Definitely going to try the Neosporin tip, I have the same problem!!!

  3. Olde Towne Photos

    A little layer of extra protection prevents a lot of problems later when it’s too late. Good advice. I learned a lot when I was camping and in survivor school. I just finished a ten-mile bike ride and those extra four layers of clothes helped too. Thank you Under Armor.. I wish I could find some gloves that worked. Some Neutrogena products are good too. Oh, and you gotta hydrate.

  4. Great tips! I think you may want to designate a separate Chapstick for nose vs lips though, right??? 😳

  5. Dianna, I learned something new from your blog today! Not only entertaining but educational as well 😀

  6. I’ve been using the Chapstick for years but I’m glad to know about the Neosporin! Thanks!

  7. Hi! Chapstick may work well for you, but once you try Carmex and lotion Puffs for a bad cold, you may not want to return to the others you mentioned . This I have found to work well in my old age!!!!!! love u….jj

  8. Love the Neosporin tip! Going to dig mine out of the medicine cabinet now.

  9. Did not know the Neosporin or Chapstick tricks. I’ve always used a wet paper towel to wipe noses (from when my own girls were small). For my cuticles and hands, I use Camille Beckman glycerine at night and Clinque Body Butter in the morning. The glycerine is greasy but restores while the Body Butter is not greasy and you can rub it on and go – great for those rough foot and elbow spots too.

  10. Your winter tips are great! I also use Neutrogena foot cream (on my hands) and gloves at night.
    For those of us with arthritis pain who don’t want to keep popping pills…1Tbsp Apple cider vinegar + 1Tbsp honey + your favorite tea bag, once a day. Really helps reduce overall inflammation. (That was confirmed by an orthopedic doctor I saw for hip pain.)

  11. Beth Ann directed me your way as I also posted “dealing with winter” tips this morning at Minnesota Prairie Roots:

    It was interesting to read your tips. We are both big fans of ChapStick.

  12. Those are two really invaluable winter tips. Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

  13. Good tips! I get terrible sores in my nose during the winter from the dry air and I use Neosporin in my nose… TMI(?) Just a little dab on a Q-tip and the nose is all good! Now i will try the Neosporin on the cuticles! I told CH about the chapstick on the nose.. he needs that tip 😀 I am stocked up on chapstick – cherry.. can’t live without it.

  14. This is funny, have you tried “Bag Balm”? See my post for today.

  15. Both awesome tips and usual do the lip balm route anyway. But!!!!Already grabbed the Neosporin and put some on. Thanks so much!

  16. I’m going to try Neosporin – and have my husband try it too. His hands are horrible in the winter. Maybe I will let him touch me again before April. 😉

  17. Good winter tips!! I didn’t even think about using neosporin for cuticles.

  18. Thanks for the tips! I will try them and get mom to also!

  19. I will try the Neosporin -great idea! My tip is to drink 2x the water – that furnace running 24/7 is very drying. In just a day or 2 I can tell a difference – either way!


  20. Sort of a TheseDays almanac style post today!
    As soon as I notice the lips starting to dry up, I reach for the Carmex- weird name, weird taste, but always seems to do the trick !

  21. I had not heard before about this use for Neosporin. Thanks for the tip!

  22. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Good information, thanks. Stay warm.

  23. Amazing helpful hints. Thanks for sharing these tips. A little bit of comfort goes along way when you’re feeling poorly or experiencing an unpleasant irritation.
    Take care and stay warm. 🙂

  24. I might have to try Neosporin. The best think I’ve found is Earth Therapeutics Nail+Cuticle Care. It works better when I remember to use it! I hope I don’t get sniffles and need the Chapstick!

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