Sea Glass…In Winter!

Back in the summer months, when my friend, Bev, and I would go “shelling” (searching for sea glass), we’d laugh and say: “When winter comes, we’re going to look at the weather forecast and say something like: ‘Well, next Tuesday, it’s supposed to be 50, maybe we can go then'”.

Believe it or not, we’ve averaged a sea glass search about once a week all winter…so far. We dress in layers, wear ear muffs and those little fingerless gloves and choose a day that’s sunny with very little wind. We really haven’t been uncomfortable on any of our trips.

This week, I had a particularly fruitful search:

sea glass1 1-21-2015 6-05-57 PM

To give you an idea of  size:

sea glass2 1-21-2015 6-06-36 PM

Finding amethyst is rare, so that’s always fun. The green shard is nice, but the blue is my treasure for the week. That’s the first time I’ve ever found blue. There probably isn’t enough there to research what it originally was, but the letters “LK” are visible, as if they were at the end of a word….”milk”, perhaps?

The clear piece is obviously from a soda bottle. I couldn’t get a good picture of it, but the bottle is swirled with what was a word beginning with the letters “Che”.  Bev found a Chero-cola bottle several months ago, so I began with a search of those bottles. And even though mine is just a shard, I believe it’s from a 1923 bottle.

chero cola

internet photo

One of the reasons we enjoy looking for sea glass is just imagining what the pieces we find could have been. We usually have no idea how old the shards are, so it’s amazing to learn that this little worn piece of glass has possibly been around for 92 years.

Now, I must go check the long range weather forecast for next week…

~These Days Of Mine~

20 responses to “Sea Glass…In Winter!

  1. AMAZING!! Definite treasures – both in the original find and the story behind the glass. Keep looking and sharing – I love it!

  2. Hunting for treasure must be a lot of fun……the blue glass is beautiful….”neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet nor ANYTHING!!!!” will keep you and Bev from your shelling expeditions! Happy hunting.


  3. I learn more and more about sea glass from your outings and stories. What fun you all are having and I’m so glad you can add some blue.

  4. A fun hobby – my oldest daughter loves sea glass – just doesn’t get to go search as often as she likes – we keep saying we are going to spend a day on the Eastern Shore – but haven’t met it yet!!

  5. I think searching for sea glass with your friend makes winter just a little bit more tolerable and shorter.. 🙂 Good Morning!

  6. I’m so glad you and Bev can still get your beachcombing fix even in winter. I hope the weather will continue to cooperate! Although the blue is your first find of that color, my favorite is the amethyst!

  7. I love your sea glass adventures. And I see the candle holder every day from your treasurers. Thanks!

  8. You’re so right. It’s the wind that makes it intolerable. And don’t you love those little fingerless gloves?

  9. What great finds, Dianna! I love the amethyst too!

  10. Neato! I love this post! 🙂 Ellie

  11. I love the pieces you’ve found. Look for pottery too! It’s a whole different “ballgame” looking on the river beaches compared to the ocean beaches.

  12. Guessing would be such good fun wondering bout who last held the older glass pieces. Nice finds. 🙂

  13. Looks like more great finds for the collection! You never know what the waters will leave on the beach .. & I know what you mean — when it comes to the origin or ‘life’ of an item … Keep searching !

  14. Your sea glass hunts sound so delightful. Imagining where they came from also sounds fun. So neat.

  15. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I also did not know about sea glass until your very interest blogs about it. Looks like a lot of fun! Keeping sharing, loving it!

  16. Amazing! When mes gets back to Midway, me is going to has to dig through the shell bowl and see how much sea glass Mommy has in there…we knows there is a few pieces.

  17. What great finds!

  18. Please give us an update on how you display these treasures! I love the purple and the blue best 🙂 MJ

  19. There is magic in your search Dianna and your finds are really beautiful.

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