Signs Of Spring

It’s beginning to look a lot like….SPRING! (Salvia, nearly black iris, “that ol’ moss” and a little country birdhouse.)

garden 5-10-2015 8-25-27 AM

A garden visitor, whose taste in plants, thankfully, doesn’t include salvia.

bunny and salvia 5-10-2015 8-25-50 AM

My “dish garden”, a rusty mini birdbath and alyssum in a ceramic pitcher.

dish garden 5-10-2015 8-24-27 AM

Succulents in an old colander and mandevilla for the hummingbirds.

succulents in colander and mandevilla 5-10-2015 8-26-21 AM

My mom’s iris” and a kitty bearing birdseed for her feathered friends.

iris and kitty on bench 5-10-2015 8-26-58 AM 5-10-2015 8-26-58 AM

 And last, but certainly not least, I finally found black-eyed Susan vines for sale and bought three for me and two for a friend. More of that ol’ moss in the foreground.

black eyed susan back door 5-10-2015 8-27-11 AM

And now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to weed, water, deadhead, spray Liquid Fence and prune…. and perhaps take a couple more pictures.

~These Days Of Mine~

20 responses to “Signs Of Spring

  1. Great photos…….isn’t it fun to decorate the great outdoors in the Spring? The more we decorate the more work is involved but who cares? It’s FUN work!


  2. what a feast or a want to be gardeners eyes just beautiful! You have done so much mixing wonderful flea market finds, old kitchen ware and beyond into yard art. I love it Dianna

  3. Beautiful photos, Dianna! Spring has passed us by, with temperatures in the 90’s yesterday, it feels like summer.

  4. Hi! I see why you wanted the blackeyed susan vine as it is very pretty. I really love the almost black iris, very unusual! Thanks again for lunch!

  5. Don’t you just love Spring? Lovely flowers. I don’t have the ‘almost black’ iris, but love it. I do have your Mom’s iris -They’re usually the first ones that bloom. I need to get caught up on my spring plantings before they’re summer plantings………..

  6. You are so clever with container gardening! The shape of that succulent colander looks vaguely familiar. Could it be planted already?

  7. Your garden is always beautiful. Although at the beginning of EVERY spring, you say you’re not going to plant so much so you won’t have so much work….so much for that. It’s worth every minute you spend working so hard!

  8. I love all your plants and the interesting pots they are growing in but you have to know my favorite is the black-eyed Susan vine!

  9. I love spring at your house. My “that ol” moss” is beautiful in my old tea kettle you gave me years ago. I love it on my deck.

  10. Definitely looks like a Happy Spring there!

  11. i love my ol’ moss! even if a certain dog of mine has taken to laying in it and squashing parts this spring! 🙂

  12. Wow, you’ve been one busy gal! It looks great! Since all the daffodils and spring bulbs have died off, the only sign of spring in my yard so far is tons of dandelions dotting the nice green grass. Haven’t made it to the nursery yet to buy any flowers.

  13. Gorgeous!

  14. Looking great around there!
    Love the ‘almost’ black iris !

  15. Oh, that dark iris is spectacular. Imagine it planted with white iris or yellow. How fabulous.

  16. We used to have “that ol’ moss” in the rock borders here, until 30-plus years of drought in my part of the Georgia Piedmont finally killed it. My mother loved it and brought it from one of the family houses back in1939. She called it “rock moss,” but it’s an old variety of Sedum or Sedum-moss (which you can Google). It can be ordered from nurseries. My grandmother had two big urns flanking her front steps and had a dwarf English boxwood in each in a nest of this moss and the way the moss cascaded over the edges of the urns, reaching close to a foot in length, brought to mind the old European “hanging gardens.”

    Your fanciful touches amid your plantings are great! Now we know where the dish and the spoon ran off to!

  17. You have the cutest little English country garden (maybe it’s not little, but that’s a song we used to sing as wee girls). I love your dishes garden especially.

    How I with I had talent with plants other than just killing them 🙂


  18. I like your colorful garden. And, the bunny coming to visit. How cute is that!

  19. Haha–the garden work is never ending! You know I love that bunny! And that dish garden–quite lovely. I know you smile every time you see it.

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