Random Five Friday

Time for some Friday randomness, this week dominated by family felines:

1.)  Marshall sent me this picture of his kitty, Snugg.  Marshall thinks a larger sofa may be in order.


2.) Speaking of kitties and silly poses:


3.) And still more:

sundae am 4-28-2015 8-03-27 AM

4.)  Admit it, we all have ’em.  That one pair of knock-around shoes that really needs to be tossed, but they’re just so comfy, we tend to hang onto them.  Allow me to introduce you to Motor Man’s: Bo and Re-bo.

jr shoes

5.) Yesterday was a perfect day for yard work, and today seems just as promising.  Tomorrow, our Farmers Market may be calling my name. I’m guessing there will be some plants there that I need.

sunrise 5-15-2015 6-26-27 AM

Your weekend plans?

~These Days Of Mine~

14 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. Whee love those silly poses! Gorgeous kitties ^_^

    Have a wonderful day


  2. Love JR’s shoe…HAHA….kitty pix are always fun – Snugg is taking up MOST of that couch! Our weekend will be rainy up here but we hope to make it to the Warrenton Spring Fair in town. We’ll see!


  3. Marshall’s kitty is cracking me up! Happy Weekend!

  4. What cute darling kitty shots! I don’t know where Marshall sits but I don’t think his kitty companion appears to be sharing sofa space.Love Gypsy ‘ s.fearless slide and you are right we all have those shoes – I left one pair of mine at a rental unit at the beach outside.Next year still there – still good – going to wear today! Where..in answer to your final question I am filling car up to get rid of yard sale stuff. GOOD WEEKEND DIANNA!

  5. Love the shoes, and I’d HAVE to work in the yard if I had a view like that! Enjoy the Farmer’s Market!

  6. I’m sure the deer will appreciate all the plants you find at the Farmers’ Market!
    You can surely tell all the kitties feel secure to be in those stretched out poses or just showing their tummy like Sundae! A cat knows how to relax!

  7. laughing at the kitties and the shoes. 🙂

  8. lol…bo and re-bo! Too funny. Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. Love all the silly kitty poses and yes we all have a pair of shoes like that 🙂 My favorites have mesh sides with leather over that part except the leather fell off — can’t wear them out into the wet grass or I’ll have wet socks!! Happy Friday! MJ

  10. All laughs today —
    There’s no shortage of relaxed cats ’round here – think you may have found Gyp’s fave pose …….!
    But Bo & Rebo steal the show !
    & that pair of Reefs that I got about 13 years ago are still kickin ‘ !

  11. What great kitty poses. And the shoes – Bo & Rebo — yeah, their twins are in everyone’s house somewhere. Mine hang out in the garage. Hope you have a great weekend and can’t wait to see what plants you need. 😉

  12. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I bet those are JR favorite shoes!! Kitty pictures are so much fun, love it.

  13. Road trip to Michigan with my son, of which we’re already home from. Good to spend some more time alone with the boy. 🙂 Hope you found some pretty plants to share!
    My husband keeps too many boots he “may need someday”. The more we move the more he (thankfully) decides to toss! Because, really how many old boots to work in does one “need”? 😉

  14. Love the last shot. Cute “names” on MM’s shoes–they’re friends, can’t part with those! Silly cat photos. 🙂

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