Water Therapy

As you can well imagine, last week was an difficult one. But it was also a week of realizing how caring friends and family can be. I thank all of you for your thoughtful comments on the loss of my sister

Saturday afternoon, Motor Man and I had an invitation from a friend, Larry, to go out on his boat.  It was a beautiful day, and Motor Man quickly accepted the offer. He knew that I needed a little diversion from the emotions of the prior week.

We sailed out of beautiful Hampton Creek in….Hampton, Va.

hampton creek 8-1-2015 4-33-06 PM

Motor Man even took the wheel for awhile.

jr at the helm 8-1-2015 2-55-27 PM

Our ride took us out briefly into the Chesapeake Bay. We shared the waterway with sailboats,

sailboat 8-1-2015 3-03-31 PM


tug 8-1-2015 4-21-21 PM

And cargo ships. (Even though I realize quite a bit of it is rust, I love all the colors in this photo.)

cargo ship 8-1-2015 4-20-29 PM

I think “wakes” are pretty – as long as I’m in the boat that’s making them.

wake1 8-1-2015 3-06-30 PM

 Motor Man insisted that I “drive” the boat  – at least long enough for a photo op.

jrdb1 8-1-2015 4-31-32 PM

Thanks for the fun afternoon, Larry.

dbjr2 8-1-2015 4-32-019

We needed that.

 ~These Days Of Mine~

18 responses to “Water Therapy

  1. Perfect! I would have loved to have been on one of the sailboats…..Love the peace and quiet out on the water in a sailboat…….looks like you all had some fun which was “just what the doctor ordered” !!


  2. Ah…the Chesapeake Bay, one of my favorite places. It looks like you had the perfect day, Dianna.

  3. It looked like just what you needed after an emotional week. You look lovely as always. Hugs.

  4. So glad you had a fun day out on the water! Thanks for keeping up with the blog after all you have had going on lately, so very sorry for your loss, what a wonderful sister you had.

  5. What a perfectly timed offer from a friend. Beautiful pictures Thanks for sharing with us. Continued prayers for you and your family.

  6. I’m glad you was able to spend a day refreshing and reflecting in a sea of blue beauty. I believe there’s something special about bodies of water that soothes our souls and help our hearts heal?
    My thoughts and prayers are with you. (((hugs)))

  7. Has me calmed down. Great blue colors. I invite you to share your post with others on my new photo meme called “Through My Lens”. The link is down below. Thanks!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  8. Been thinking of you….So glad you had the opportunity and took it.

  9. Water’s good for that … looks like it was just what the doctor ordered !

  10. Always good to get out on the water. There is something healing about it.

  11. Looks like heaven to me right now!

  12. Its always good to get away!

  13. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    So happy you had your getaway Saturday, Dianna. I know it was good for you and JR to get away for a while. ❤

  14. Looks delightful! Happy you had an opportunity for water therapy!

  15. Good for you and Motorman to get away like that and being on the water is always therapeutic. 🙂

  16. Great shots–and I’m with you on the wake issue! What a great friend you have in Larry.

  17. Thinking of you also, Dianna, and praying for peaceful days ahead.

  18. The Chesapeake is so beautiful. Enjoy!!

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