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Those Little Hummies

Although I’ve kept two hummingbird feeders filled since early in the summer, they have definitely seen much more activity in the past week or so.

A very knowledgeable source (my friend, Donna) tells me that it’s because our tiny feathered friends are storing up energy for their long trip south.  One recent afternoon, I noticed one of the hummers, not at the feeder, but on a nearby hydrangea branch.

hummie1 9-2-2015 3-41-59 PM

These pictures were taken through our bedroom window. I wish I could have gotten clearer shots.

hummie2 9-2-2015 3-53-59 PM

Because I took these pictures several different times over the course of the afternoon, I thought it was the same little hummie. When I uploaded the photos, I realized it was actually two different birds. Since this one doesn’t have the red throat, I’m guessing it’s a female…?

hummie4 9-2-2015 4-00-40 PM 9-2-2015 4-00-40 PM

Those little wings will soon be covering many, many miles.

hummie 9-2-2015 3-28-50 PM

Safe travels, my little friends. We’ll be waiting for you next summer. (Sniff, sniff…)

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