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More Horses…

Yes, I admit to being horse-crazy. Oftentimes, that obsession strikes girls at a young age. For me, it happened many years decades later.

These photos are from our most recent trip to the Corolla/Carova area of the Outer Banks.  Once again, it was a beautiful day. As we were riding around on one of the side roads just off the beach and rounded a turn, we heard a loud noise; it almost sounded like someone screaming.

Soon we realized the sound we heard wasn’t made by humans. Yes, they’re responsible for all that dust in the air. This picture reminds me of a scene from an old western.

dust 9-17-2015 11-58-00 AM

Although my camera is never far from reach, it seemed to take forever to get it aimed in the direction of the horses. I can never remember how to quickly set it to record, so I was recording this video with my cell phone in my left hand, and taking pictures with my camera in my right hand. (I am a Gemini, after all....) Motor Man was also recording with the Go-Pro, but it was very similar to this, and trimming it to include in this post gave me some technical difficulties.*

I apologize that portions of the video are shaky, and I left the audio (including the camera clicks) so as not to delete the sound the horses were making.

At the beginning of the video, you may have noticed the cattle egret on the back of one of the horses.  It flew away when things got heated, but waited patiently on the sidelines, then returned once it was safe.

horses and bird 9-17-2015 11-58-46 AM

Oops, this “discussion” isn’t over quite yet. I love  both front legs off the ground.

dust2 9-17-2015 11-59-06 AM

A little sidestepping…

dust3 9-17-2015 11-59-09 AM

Guess they settled it, at least for now.

its over 9-17-2015 11-59-17 AM

 You just never know what we’ll see when we head to the beach. That’s why the camera(s) must always be within easy reach.

*Thanks, Marshall, for the video editing.

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