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These Days R5F

It’s the first Friday of fall. Let’s talk randomness:

1.) Today, I’m wishing a Happy, Happy Birthday to my dear blogging friend, Pam, who co-writes the blog, One Spoiled Cat, with her kitty, Sam.  I’m not sure how Pam and I discovered each other’s blogs, but it’s been a few years now, and we’ve become close friends. We keep in touch with frequent emails and, along with our hubbies, meet occasionally for lunch and antiquing.

pam and dianna 12-11-2013 12-22-42 AM

2.) Our fall is beginning with blustery winds, high tides and occasional rain from a persistent storm system just off the coast.  But, we’ll take that any day over a hurricane. This was just taken after sunset Wednesday evening.

clouds 9-23-2015 7-04-22 PM

3.) Motor Man has teased me for years about how short my legs are.  (I keep reminding him that they do, in fact, reach the ground.) Gypsy thinks they’re just the right length.

That is a lap full o' cat.

That is a lap full o’ cat.

4.) Yesterday, we took a little day trip (details in an upcoming post).  Along the way, we happened upon this beauty, and gave the driver a smile and a thumbs-up as we passed.

old chevy truck 9-24-2015 11-32-15 AM

 5.) We’ve had several foggy mornings in the past couple of weeks. I knew there was an old saying about how many foggy days there are in a certain month ‘determining’  how many snows there will be the following winter.  So I checked The Old Farmers Almanac, which says that month is August.  I don’t recall if or how many foggy mornings we had in August, so I guess we’ll just wait and see what the winter brings.

marina at sunrise 9-19-2015 7-26-33 AM

Happy first weekend of fall!

~These Days Of Mine~