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Fun In A Flowerpot

Recently, as I walked by, something just outside our guest room window caught my eye.

 squirrel best 9-9-2015 3-43-03 PM

It seems a squirrel had discovered this flowerpot with what’s left of a Creeping Jenny/Goldilocks plant in it.

squirrel1 9-9-2015 3-43-19 PM

I had wondered why the plant wasn’t doing very well.

hanging around 9-9-2015 3-43-39 PM

Do you suppose he saw me at the window and decided to play ‘possum? He definitely wasn’t asleep, because just a few seconds later, he was up to his cute little antics.

nite squirrel 9-9-2015 3-43-08 PM

This was the view yesterday.  It seems our mischevious friend had a bit TOO  much fun in the flowerpot.

overturned flowerpot 9-15-2015 6-16-04 PM

(These pictures were taken through the window; wish I could have gotten them without the glare.)

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