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Mom And Babe

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared photos of my the Corolla wild horses, so today’s the day.

The ultimate thrill is to see them down by the ocean, second “prize” is to spot them on one of the dunes.  But, even when they’re not in either of those places, it’s still possible to get some good shots.

We saw this group “hanging out” near one of the beach houses on one of our recent trips.

horses 1 9-10-2015 1-42-21 PM

Shortly after I took that photo, I noticed the mom and little one (far right) nuzzling.

horses 2 9-10-2015 1-42-43 PM

But, for awhile, it seemed that either the other horses kept me from getting a good picture, or Mom was blocking the little one’s head.

babe and mom 9-10-2015 1-43-11 PM

Finally, my patience paid off, and I got the picture I wanted.

mombabe 9-10-2015 1-44-43 PM

And another one with the baby’s mouth open just a little. “Look, Mommy, she’s taking our picture. I think I’ll smile for her.”

mombabe2 9-10-2015 1-44-45 PM

Then, something (not us) spooked the entire group.  This next picture was taken just 9 seconds after the previous one. We were a fair distance away in the safety of our vehicle. They didn’t run far before stopping…

mombabe running 9-10-2015 1-44-52 PM

…just to the other side of the beach house, where they continued with the cuddling.

mombabe againa9-10-2015 1-45-26 PM 9-10-2015 1-45-26 PM 9-10-2015 1-45-26 PM

It was a sweet moment between mom and babe that I was pleased to capture.

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