These Days R5F

We’re on hurricane alert here in southeast Virginia, so let’s begin this week’s Random Five on that subject:

1.) At this time, Hurricane Joaquin is expected to pass just off our coast. We’re hoping that track will continue. We’ll still have strong winds, rain and tidal flooding, but it will be much better than a direct hit.  It’s been raining here for several days – unrelated to Joaquin. Yesterday morning, my rain gauge was full: 5 inches, and we could get 8 more.

morning 10-2-2015 7-12-37 AM

On a lighter note, yesterday, the Corolla Wild Horse Fund posted a picture of one of this year’s foals (born in May), with the comment: “This is the version of Joaquin we all love”.  As it turns out,  Joaquin is the foal in this picture I posted on Monday (and submitted as an entry in the 2017 Corolla calendar).  It’s nice to know his name.

mombabe 9-10-2015 1-44-43 PM

2.) Tuesday evening, I realized I’d missed a text message from my neighbor. This is what she had to say:

This was pathetic – white swan just banged on your back door several times with his beak and squawked, then walked away dejectedly – what a scene!! Should have thought to take a pic!!

Rest assured, I apologized profusely to Antoine, and he has received ample nourishment since that time. I’ve discovered that he likes “corn soup” (water and corn) in a repurposed Cool Whip bowl. And yes, he has now officially been IN our garage. The can to the left holds corn for him and his duck buddies, waiting outside.


Doesn’t everyone have a swan in their garage?

3.) It’s usually around lunchtime each day when I get to our shop.  Most mornings, Motor Man will send me a pic of Gypsy – usually it’s a selfie of the two of them, and she’s lying on his chest. Wednesday morning, he was holding her and took this picture.  Sweetness!


4.) Since I try to remember to always have my camera near at hand, that usually means that, when I’m in a vehicle, it’s on the floorboard.   Wednesday afternoon, as I was getting out of the car,  I bumped my camera with my foot, and it hit the asphalt pavement.  My heart sank, but, thankfully, it seems to be fine. Whew! Close call.

5.) As I  mentioned in an earlier post, this week marked five years that I’ve been blogging. I enjoy sharing pictures and snippets of our life with my readers. But, once in awhile, attempting to keep to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule seems like having homework that must be done.  So…don’t be concerned if my posts are a bit more sporadic.  Blogging should be fun, not work. Isn’t that right, fellow bloggers?

Happy weekend, and let’s all hope that Joaquin (the storm) heads out to sea.

~These Days Of Mine~

15 responses to “These Days R5F

  1. It sounds as though Joaquin’s track, at least for now, will stay out to sea. Like you, we’re getting heavy rain, unrelated to Joaquin. I loved the text from your neighbor. What a funny sight that must have been. Enjoy your weekend and stay safe and dry!

  2. Glad storm Joaquin has changed his track a bit……”Foal Joaquin” is adorable as foals always are. That’s so funny about your neighbor spying the swan knocking on the door for his handout! As for blogging – I could never keep any kind of schedule – blogging when you feel like it should be easier to do than keeping to a calendar!


  3. Congratulations on your 5 Year Anniversary.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  4. If I had to vote on favorite pic in this one I would have a hard time too! The hungry beauty in the garage is just so different and gorgeous ( in that picture you can appreciate her size) But that shot of Gyp Gyp in Junior’s lap is priceless toooo! And the darned of the constant storm life…I have always said I do not know how you did a scheduled blog, live free….blog free! Just don’t make us wait too long…as you know These Days of Mine, MAKE our days!

  5. As much as I enjoy your blogging…I give you permission to not have to blog everyday! You’re right it should be fun. I can only paint when I’m in the mood. If it becomes a chore, it reflects on the painting. So enjoy your world without a camera sometimes! It’s going to be a good weekend to stay indoors and make some cards!

  6. Swan ‘knocking’ at your door – WONDERFUL!!!! Love all the pics and your blog, always. But understand that it should be fun and not a chore – I enjoy all of your pics and musings. I’m most thankful that Joaquin looks to stay out to sea, but I NEED to see the sun – it’s been 2 weeks!!!

  7. Joaquin (the storm) won’t be missed, I think .. & I’m glad it’s taken a different path.
    So cool that they commented on your pic of Joaquin (the horse) ..
    & so cool that Antoine has been IN now !
    It looks like Gyp found a good hurricane spot ! – is that where she is today?

  8. I am so happy to hear that Joaquin has decided to head out to sea. Want you all to stay safe! Joaquin the foal is a sweet baby, sweet picture… ♥
    Antoine is a lucky swan to have found you! And blogging, yes it should not feel like work. I got so tired of even thinking about having to get a blog post up I just gave up until the charm of blogging returns.
    Stay safe!

  9. I do enjoy your blogs. Thanks for sharing them with us. It was a wonderful gift to us that June shared your blog with us while she was among us. Your blogs are a gift to us and so was June. So glad she shared the blog with the knitting tea party when she could.

  10. Happy Blogoversay! And I’ve never met anyone who has a swan who bangs on their door for food, or enter their garage! And Joaquin the foal is a total cutie! I’ve heard the hurricane is heading out to the Atlantic…I’m praying it keeps on heading that way.
    NM (Nellie’s Mom)

  11. It’s your blog … so make sure you enjoy doing it. 🙂 We will be here to read when you post. I’ve been wondering about you with that Joaquin headed your way! I have family in Florida and Maryland, so I watch the East Coast. Good luck!!

  12. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    How many people do we know that has a beautiful swan for a pet!! So glad to hear the storm hopeful is not going to be bad as they first thought. Gypsy sure loves her daddy!
    As long as you don’t stop blogging all together we ( your fans) are happy. Stay safe.

  13. Whew, you’ve already gotten a lot of rain–I hope that Joaquin isn’t too bad, and that all are safe and sound.

    Happy Blogiversary! I’ve enjoyed getting to know you via our blogs over the years. I totally agree that blogging should be fun not work. I know that I find my current 2 day a week posting schedule much easier than the 7 days a week schedule that I had when I was posting the diary.

  14. Of course, it should be fun and sometimes we get all caught up in things we forget to have fun. So, we will enjoy you whenever you post! and it will be fun to see what you have posted.

  15. Joaquin–I like the name better on the colt. 🙂 Poor Antoine! I’m glad you made it up to him. I caught my breath as I read about your camera–close call! Glad it’s OK. Nice shot of MM and Gypsy. She is a snuggly kitty. Congrats on five years!

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