Getting In The Spirit

Now that we’ve bid farewell to another November, many of us have begun thinking of and preparing for Christmas.

During a ride around town last night, we  found many neighbors and businesses have already decorated for the holiday.

This weekend, I’ll put our candles in the windows, and take down my autumn garden flags and replace them with Christmas ones. I prefer a “live” green wreath for the door, so that will have to wait another week or so, as will putting up and decorating the tree.

One long-time tradition I have is displaying this Precious Moments nativity. I began collecting these figurines when Marshall was a little boy, and have added to them through the years. Some were received as gifts and some were found on E-bay. I was tickled to find the creche at an antique shop a few years ago.


I seem to be further ahead than usual in the gift purchasing department, and that makes me happy. And there are ideas floating around in my head for not-yet-bought gift possibilities.

I discovered this video a couple of years ago and saved it to my favorites on my computer. Watching and listening to it always gets me in the holiday spirit.

How are you coming along with Christmas preparations?  What always helps you get in the Christmas spirit?

~These Days Of Mine~


10 responses to “Getting In The Spirit

  1. I do love that video too – I remember it from “Christmas past” ! Nice to begin getting the house fixed up for the holidays…..I bought fresh wreaths for the door and the garage windows so we’ll begin working on that today or tomorrow…..already have lots of presents wrapped and David promised to get the tree up so the gifts will have a “home” !


  2. I just type up a comment and worpress informed me it could not be posted! I am trying again. Love the videeoh! Candles are up in our windows and Mom’s little ceramic tree has been out for awhile. I don’t think we will do much more decorating and that’s okay… 🙂

  3. Bill was out of town last weekend so I decorated the house and put the candles in the window. Only thing left is shopping and Christmas cards. Ugh! I always love your home at Christmas.

  4. I remember that Nativity well – & remember it growing over the years…
    & you’re right – people are getting the lights up !

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Some of the gifts are purchased but not wrapped. I have to get the Fall and Thanksgiving decorations down before I can start on Christmas. Hoping to start tomorrow. I love the Nativity and the video.

  6. Lights outside are up thanks to our son-in-law helping my hubby the day after Thanksgiving. My daughters helped me get the tree decorated, but I’m behind in getting other decor up. I’m winding down the shopping (I think) but haven’t started the cards yet and I’m truly behind there because I usually have them ready to go on Dec. 1. That video surely puts us in the Christmas mood!

  7. I have my shopping done, but have not decorated. Our warm weather (not complaining) has me feeling like it’s just still fall, not the onset of winter. I think my *girlish* heart is waiting for the white stuff before I “feel” the spirit of Christmas upon me. 🙂 I love those horses & bells – thank you! MJ

  8. Still have shopping to do, but hubby has done ALL of the decorating – He is so GOOD!!!! Family coming in next weekend, so I need to get their shopping finished SOON!!! Love the nativity – the Real Reason for the Season!

  9. I have the house pretty well decorated other than the tree which we hope to get this weekend. It is fun to decorate a new place and see what works and this year will be just a few outdoor lights and not too much. I am not doing much shopping this year so that is a good thing. The house kind of took precedence. 🙂 Love your Precious Moments nativity. I have about 15 nativities out but my favorite one is the one I grew up with that my mom gave me.

  10. I need to swap wreaths on the door. Oh, yes, the tree! It dawned on me yesterday that if we’re going to put it up, we might want to do that pretty soon! Shopping is coming along well.

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