These Days Random Five Friday

Five TOTALLY random thoughts for this first Friday in December:

1.) Motor Man and I are going to gather greens tomorrow and attempt a different sort of wreath for our front door.  More on that in days to come – IF our project is successful.

2.) Sunrise from our most recent trip to the Outer Banks. Apparently, the birds were also enjoying the view.

birds at sunrise 11-29-2015 8-01-27 AM

3.) During her visit last week, my niece, Donna, took this cute picture of Sundae.  I think she was also bird-watching.

sundae at window

4.) And while I’m sharing other folks’ photos, Marshall took this pretty shot a couple of weeks ago. That’s the steeple from our local Methodist church.  We thought it was interesting that the sun’s rays through the tree formed a cross.

marshalls pic

5.) Last night, Marshall and I were shopping, and I found not one, but two, perfect Christmas gifts. There is something so gratifying about finding a gift that you know will be truly appreciated by the recipient. I must admit, though, that Marshall was chuckling at my excitement.

Happy weekend; may your decorating and gift-buying be successful.

~These Days Of Mine~

13 responses to “These Days Random Five Friday

  1. That picture of Sundae is PURRFECT! I absolutely love it . Great capture. Glad you found two perfect presents. I know exactly what you mean about that feeling when you find the exact thing that will fit the person. Yay for you! Good luck on the wreath. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  2. BEAUTIFUL pics as always – the Cross through the trees at the Church is amazing. YES – on finding the perfect gift – sometimes when you’re not even looking. My hubby did that yesterday – he was helping me out. Good luck on the wreath making.

  3. Lovely photos…….all of them “peaceful”………..that church photo of Marshall’s is incredible.


  4. I think I know what wreath you are attempting… 🙂 Hope it turns out! Sundae… sweet as always. Marshall’s photo is gorgeous!

  5. Oh, I do love your glorious sunsets! I think I’m going to get Christmassy this weekend…finally have figured out what I want for my tree. And I can totally relate to that giddy feeling that comes when I find the perfect gitt! Though, I have to say, it’s not yet come over me this season…well, other than a few things I’ve gifted myself – but I don’t think that counts 😉

  6. Love the photos today! Marshall’s shot is so beautiful and interesting!

  7. Good randomness today! Hopefully the wreath will turn out – it sounds like a good idea !
    Love the pic of Sundae – she looks right at home on two legs !
    & thanks for sharing my pic- it was just one of those shots …..

  8. Love your random five today. Marshall’s picture should be on the church’s bulletin!

  9. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Another great R5F! I love the pic of Sundae and the sun shining on the trees and cross.

  10. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the wreath project is successful. You are so creative, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you make.

  11. Cute Sundae and lovely church/cross! Congrats on finding “the perfect” gifts. Such a fun, happy feeling.

  12. We have a couple cats birdwatching, too. I think we must have new neighbors somewhere who don’t know they can’t have free-range cats in VB!
    Great photos!

  13. I love Sundae’s rapt attention stance…. like watching cat t.v.! 🙂

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